February 12, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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FAT JOE RUNS WITH COPS … thats what this dude from the BX is claiming


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3 Comments on "FAT JOE RUNS WITH COPS"

  1. Bedstuy Soldier on Wed, 13th Feb 2008 5:08 am 

    I been called it. People thought I was spasin when I said his ass is racist on the low. Fuck who dont believe it. Fat Joe is wack son

  2. StreetBully on Wed, 13th Feb 2008 8:06 pm 

    I don’t even like Fat Joe but he DOES represent his people. The game already has enough black people so what’s so wrong with trying to put your own peoples on? That’s not being a racist. The game needs more latinos IMO for real!

  3. Bedstuy Soldier on Thu, 14th Feb 2008 1:07 am 

    Nah I hear you. I’m not speakin on him being racist musically or nothin like that. When he gets around his own he can come off as real arrogant and on some fuck niggas type shit. Trust me I know this first hand.

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