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Nas & kelis (aka lady and the tramp) @ GRAMMY’S RED CARPET INTERVIEW WITH CNN talking about Scarls new socially conscious album Nigger

nas trying to kick knowledge


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  1. king cal on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 12:21 pm 

    wow a hip hop god that use to kick knowledge is now just a sambo with his hot ghetto mess wife. i feel like hes just starting controversy to sell records. i guess when you were once dubbed the greatest MC & people stop buying your albums you go crazy and are willing to do anything to sell records again. i have every nas album that ever came out but this is one im gonna pass on. tell the rap bobby and whitney to suck it. dont lie and say you werent ashamed to see him on tv with that shirt on.

  2. dappa4783 on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 12:40 pm 

    I’m not gonna lie. I was shocked to see not only him but the rest of those chicks with those shirts on. I like the fact that Nas says and does what he wants. And if was just to sell records, he woulda been had madd guest appearances, and the top producers in the game on his last albums. But with all that said, Nas can say whatever he wants. He’s earned that right just like a lot of other older artist have earned the right. Once you have like 6,7,8 albums under your belt, you have to right to speak your mind…..

  3. Bk's Trill:Dollaboy on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 12:41 pm 

    McNobbs Lost.

  4. Bk's Trill:Dollaboy on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 12:42 pm 

    Nuggs Lost.

  5. Brown on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 12:45 pm 


  6. Ace Boogie (the dots voice) on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 12:51 pm 

    I am gonna support him cus that is some crazy shit! He even got CNN’s attention and as far as the knowledge he dropped on black people voting ya’ll gotta keep your ears open when homey is talking. By the way his wifey is a thoro bread she backed him up and cut off the reporter lol..homey has always voiced his opinion that is what makes him Nas.

  7. Shawamar on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 12:57 pm 

    I feel Nas on this one, if you gonna do something do it all the way through. I dont like the title of the album, and that was done just for shock value but he did it, and it will blow up. As long as he a couple DJ Premier joints on there.

  8. Llano on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 1:09 pm 

    This shock value was needed & I’m glad White America got see this on T.V. I love the fact that viewers got to see a rapper speaking from social & politcal standpoint rather than somebody like young Joc speaking with a ridiculous chain hanging off his neck.

  9. Henri Whitaker on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 1:39 pm 

    Kid Wave, Nasty NaS, Esco, NaStradamus, NaS…

    I have been a fan of this man since day one however he is making himself look like a total asshole with this, “NIGGER,” album. I however will reserve my judgment until the album is actually released.

    NaS has proven himself to be a righteous man in terms of his decisions regarding his music, his personal life, and his credibility. I am willing to give that brother a chance because I think he deserves it.

    I think in this day and age where musicians are looked upon as leaders and heroes (not by me but by younger people) its up to them (artist) to say something positive and uplifting rather than glamorize the ills of ordinary life.

    If NaS releases an album with a track about “SUPERmaning hoes, umma do me’s, (Insert A Plies Song Here)” I will definitely be the first to throw his ass under the bus. Quote Me On That Shit!!!

  10. bstar on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 2:12 pm 

    that nigga is an idiot…AND WHY THE FUCK DOES HE GOT A WHITE BITCH WEARING A TSHIRT SAYIN – “NIGGER”?!?!?! Yo str8 up…if i seen dat I woulda told her to take that fuckin shirt off or I’ma rip it off. NAS AINT DEEP..THAT NIGGA JUS TRYIN TO SELL RECORDS! As a black person…i’m fuckin offended.
    p.s – WTF is Kelis talkin about?!

  11. Mr.Montana on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 2:52 pm 

    Always the ignorant….

    I usually just read this and keep it movin but — a million and one pointless albums and singles come out each year and people praise them. Nas wants to put out something with some substance and he’s just tryna sell records?!?! Shock value, yea – i agree wit that. But if he was really tryna sell he’d be doin a lot more than what he’s doin.

    C’mon. It’s a fuckin word people (and not just Blacks) use every day of our lives…and someone wants to shed light, some knowledge on the shyt and all of the sudden you’re embarrassed and offended. Shut the Phuk up!! You should be embarrassed and offended — and not b/c someone is on TV with a t-shirt that says N!GGER on it speaking intelligently.


  12. King K on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 3:04 pm 

    There is allot going on behind Nas’s album than just the title…the man is making a statement…we all know about racism in society…we all know what other races feel about us black people…we all know what they think of us and say about us behind closed doors. Nas is trying to shine a light on all that…He didn’t need to do that…he could have just focused on Hoes, money and clothes and sell 3 million albums…but instead he decided to make a bold statement…putting his career at risk, knowing that this can go either way.

    I wanna hear what the man has to say…somebody needs to do it. All this money that black entertainers make, all this money that the non black big wigs make from our music. And no one is talking about what is currently going on in society. All this power we have at our disposal and the most successful of us instead of using this new found access to the media to highlight and fight injustice. We would rather buy million chains, 10 cars; 50 million dollar houses making us look more ignorant and stupid, while black people are still subjected to racism and injustice all over America and most of the world.

    Look beyond the name of his album and see the real message.

  13. lmfaoo @ Naz on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 3:10 pm 

    Publicity Stunt
    Stillmatic Trying To re- create illmatic
    God Son- no one really caught on him basically trying to say he jesus
    Street Disciple – A Double Album
    Hip Hop is Dead Controversy statin Hip Hop is Dead led to alot talk but no record sales
    Nigger leads to controversy again

    @ dappa4783
    hmmmm he hasn’t even released a single yet. He’s already getting publicity
    @ his last alnum He worked With Dr. Dre, Kanye west, Scoot Storch, Will i am

  14. prakash on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 6:55 pm 

    king cal. you know chit about nas he never cared about selling records. ever. did you listen to nas music? faggot

  15. prakash on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 6:57 pm 

    nas is not a gimmick rapper. if actually could interpret what he was saying you would understand. leave the gimmicks for fiddy cent and down south rappers!

  16. hoodnigga on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 7:14 pm 

    niggas’ll stoop so low for a dollar

  17. DRe on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 8:27 pm 

    If you wasn’t there from the begining, then you won’t get Nas. Check the history on what Kelis was saying then listen again to Nas. That shit’s over the reporter’s head. Nas is the Truth.

  18. lakey on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 10:03 pm 

    hahahaha Nas is just putting a mirror up and making America look at their reflection. The reporter wouldn’t even respond when he brought up the fact that black people’s right to vote currently has an end date on the law books. All of a sudden, the “nigger” isn’t so interesting.
    He’s creating controversy to promote awareness, not to get money.
    Nas ghostwrote “Big willie style”. That shit sold more than any wrapper out. He don’t need money.

  19. bstar on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 10:26 pm 

    @Montana…GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE…WTF did he say that was intelligent…I bet “100″ dollars that you’re white

  20. bstar on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 10:29 pm 

    BTW…anybody got anything to say about the white bitch with the “nigger” shirt??

  21. hoodnigga on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 11:21 pm 

    i think is tryin to say anyone can be a nigger

  22. king cal on Mon, 11th Feb 2008 11:55 pm 

    its obvious that mostly non black people think this is amazing and praise nas and say hes just speaking his mind kicking knowledge.lets be honest if his album was named spic, kike or chink. im sure people would be offended but what if he said he wanted to end those racist words so thats why he named his album that people would be like hes sick. but since its nigger people smile and laugh. desperate times call for desperate measures nas albums have not been selling for the past couple of years. this is a waste of time.

  23. NIGEL MONEYSWORTH on Tue, 12th Feb 2008 1:09 am 

    nas need to go about that a better way it was distasteful

  24. Young on Tue, 12th Feb 2008 7:27 am 

    History goes to show Nas was never one for huge album sales.
    Duke has been spewing knowledge from the beginning. This just brings awareness to the things clowns like the formentioned Yung Joc or Plies fail to bring to the forefront. What are YOUR favorite artists talking about? oh…nothing! Question: Were you shitty when the Jena 6 shit popped off? White folk use that word like it’s going out of style. You don’t hear about it though. One of our “greatest young poets” is just bringing shit to light. RELAX

  25. Young on Tue, 12th Feb 2008 7:31 am 

    NaS is the illest out too. Fuck Wayne, FUCK SOULJA BOY(out my face trick?), D4L(yeah yall know he wack too), I can go on and on. NaS can do and say what he wants when he rocks championshiop belts. Did your favorite rapper put the whole Roc-A-Fella team on the ropes and it’s main dude on the mat? Oh he didn’t? Then shut the fuck up and let this man make his MUSIC!

  26. Young on Tue, 12th Feb 2008 7:34 am 


  27. Caasi on Tue, 12th Feb 2008 12:20 pm 

    Reading these comments are quite hilarious. “HoodNigga” said niggas will do anything 4 a dollar…ha. smh! Look how ignorant u sound already…by your name! And King Cal u need to give it up. Dont hate on Nas bcuz ur too simple-minded to see the underlying message Nas is trying to convey. Calling Kelis a ghetto mess further let me know u arent that intelligent… o yea and this quote is the best yet…”If NaS releases an album with a track about “SUPERmaning hoes, umma do me’s, (Insert A Plies Song Here)” I will definitely be the first to throw his ass under the bus. ” I AGREE. This down south trash and pointless songs with a nice beat are getting old…and quick. Nas is one of the greatest…plz let him live.

  28. moneyboss on Tue, 12th Feb 2008 3:30 pm 

    I think what gets lost in translation here is the differnce between being politically correct and whats real. When Sean Bell gets shot 50 times by the police thats not somthing you can do to a person unless they are a nigger that doesnt happen to everyone just us. So if we own the experience why shouldnt we own the word, thats what Nas is saying.
    G Bush’s dad did business with the nazis yet know one will ever call him one or questions his actions. Yet Barack Obama gets slandered as a radical muslim by his opponents even though he hes been a baptist for 20 years. The botom line is Id rather a person like Rush Limbough call Barrack a n**ger and show his ignorance than say stuff like halfrican American and get a pass.

  29. bstar on Tue, 12th Feb 2008 11:43 pm 

    kingcal…u are a genious…couldnt have said it better

  30. ego101 on Thu, 14th Feb 2008 7:42 am 

    props to nas, kelis and whoever supported their statement. the camera lady + TV don’t wanna hear a black man, nigga or nigger talkin no real life issues. oh you a rapper? why you beefin with such-n-such? oh you wanna talk politics? you gotta get outta hear wit that smart talk you coon. wait.. who taught you how to read neway? do ya thang nas.. cant wait for the cd.. n thanks for spreadin some knowledge about blacks not bein able to vote after another 23 years. i was honestly unaware of that.

  31. LALA on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 5:08 pm 

    NAS has been selling records and by the way, don’t show how ignorant you are by calling Kelis “white”

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