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jay-z aint i _____________________________________________________
(listen inside)

Jay-z aint I …. How yall gonna eat with out me …uh oh jay sending shots


- salutes eskay


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25 Comments on "JAY-Z AINT I"

  1. Mr Mention on Wed, 30th Jan 2008 9:12 pm 

    Im feeling this

  2. Iceberg on Wed, 30th Jan 2008 9:38 pm 

    Yea this shit is crack…I know niggas is gonna hate. But I guess that’s they’re job huh? U know Im tellin the truth…Aint I?

  3. KING TINO on Wed, 30th Jan 2008 9:38 pm 

    straight crack bk all day. yall bitch ass niggaz stop blaming hov 4every thing do u.

  4. jon henry on Wed, 30th Jan 2008 10:22 pm 

    i think i have high expectations for Pop’s reigning king timbo and rap’s biggest icon.

    cause this song just doesn’t blow me away like i need it to. it’s not horrible but sounds like a throwaway, kinda like how “Blue Magic” felt to us when they leaked that. it probably is a joint they did that never made it to an album. like for example, “Make Me Better” by Fabolous was actually a Jay joint (there’s a finished song done somewhere) that Jay just GAVE to Fab.

    it is not off the chain to me. and i WANT it to be.

  5. Smitty313 on Wed, 30th Jan 2008 10:36 pm 

    I’m feelin this. Jay needs to go at all the young fucks who think it’s a new trend to diss Jay. Jay is past his prime but he still sounds better than most of these wack rappers.

  6. Lil Bow Wow on Wed, 30th Jan 2008 10:43 pm 

    Nice ish.

  7. king cal on Wed, 30th Jan 2008 11:46 pm 

    OK i wish this was an ill song but its pretty weak. how you try and make a pop song after every rapper on def jam and in the industry has been going at your neck. this song is a throw away for real. probably a track that never made it to a album. sounds bad

  8. J on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 12:03 am 

    It’s okay, I expect more coming Jay-Z. This songs like an album single, verse that comes out of gates Banging!

  9. Fidel Cashflow on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 1:20 am 

    this shit crack right here… another banger from the G.O.A.T.

  10. The Truth on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 2:03 am 

    This shit was made back in 2006. Timbaland is dancing to the song in a club on Youtube posted back in Feb. 2007. It didn’t make the cut for Timbaland’s Shock Value.

  11. Mr Mention on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 2:26 am 

    I expect more from the god mc

  12. water on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 2:56 am 


    sounds like lobster and shrimp but just not as good.


  13. Ego101 on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 7:13 am 

    I do expect more from Jay but this is some mixtape type shit. Is clue hinting that Jay is dropping a Blueprint 3? He yells that a few times over the track.. anyway.. I doubt I’ll ever listen to this again. uno

  14. GoFiGuRe!!! on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 8:53 am 

    Im feeling this too…..especially since Jay is in a different space since an unreasonable doubt jay…..I dont expect the same flow and in comparison to the BS thats out now….I was trying to think of some artist to compare that are actually legitimate at this time and drew a blank….so keep on doin it Hov…..

  15. CPTMST on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 12:12 pm 

    it’s aight, nothin special

  16. maxpower on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 3:43 pm 

    u old ass camel…stop raping ur garbage!!!
    my homie peedi peedi peedi crack crakk bubble bath boy wouldve went 500x platinum if u dropped his album

  17. duckiedadude on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 9:14 pm 

    Peedi crack is doo doo. shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jay Dunk on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 9:57 pm 

    Jay Killed It!!!

  19. Huey "The Knowledge" Free on Sun, 3rd Feb 2008 11:56 pm 

    NOT a top 5 or 10 on a list of Jay-Z favorites. Let’s not “drink the kool-aid” cause it’s Jigga, Get back on that grown man sh&t Jay, step ya game up! When you amongst the clouds you don’t have to tell those below they gettin’ rained on, they know. ~ Huey “Da Knowledge” Free

  20. The HeiGhtZ on Wed, 6th Feb 2008 5:15 pm 

    I see alotta ppl hating..but who u know come half as hard..u ppl expecting too much..this shit is john blaze…HoLLa

  21. CQ on Wed, 13th Feb 2008 8:29 pm 

    HOVA!!! Jay always keeps it real, nobody can even play on the same court as him, all you haters keep hatin! cuz hov is gonna do this till he dies! Jay-z = Hip-Hop’s Greatest…EVER!!!!

  22. Mz. Aclass on Fri, 15th Feb 2008 9:28 pm 

    You hear it! He’s neva, eva goin back… Ya gotta give em’ that! My favorite… Hell Yea!!!

  23. Fuk u haters on Mon, 7th Apr 2008 4:16 pm 

    ^ such ignorant people above….. get an education before you tell people how it is, cuz you dont know. hot song beats pretty good… its got a lil old school feel, im feelin…. even u peeps who complemented jay, ignorance isnt cool, jay’s where he is b/c he acts like a respectful human being. 20 yrs from now i can tell my kids about jay…cuz he keeps his ish respectful and remotly clean. 90% of rap is down right dirty no matter how good it is…the music cant live on if u cant share it with the youngsters. raps going to die and jay knows it, thats why hes tryin to “change the came”

  24. toni on Sat, 14th Jun 2008 10:21 am 

    anit that a rain drop. i’m a holly molly, ill wair that. add me on the list wile your at it aint you? i got hoes, hoe. never will i say that. of coures i be like your mike. it’s ah gangster in da mah house. my house got toed, my baby got sold, your fog is screwen with my eyes boss. dont look twics. who ever said i cant smell you. smell me? it’s all gold.

  25. killahkal on Tue, 8th Jul 2008 11:19 pm 

    wack azz lil dudes go make some good music and stop cryin

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