50 CENT gets @ GZA

December 30, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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50 cent disses gza
(listen inside)

GUNIT Boss 50 Cent disses Gza



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29 Comments on "50 CENT gets @ GZA"

  1. cheeeeezzz wizzzz on Sun, 30th Dec 2007 12:26 pm 

    lololololololololololololol…….fifty is mad funny……..get at him fif…….lololololololololololol my chevy is the same age at gza

    cheeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz wizzzzzzzz

    P.S why fity always remember other niggas lyrics never he s…….lolololololololololololol cheezy

  2. cutta4eva on Sun, 30th Dec 2007 1:05 pm 

    I listened to the gza lyric diss 3 times lmao!! Funny shit

  3. limitedfutwear on Sun, 30th Dec 2007 1:06 pm 

    fifty is the funniest rapper ever

  4. water on Sun, 30th Dec 2007 3:21 pm 

    lmao this nigga said microscopes

  5. DG on Sun, 30th Dec 2007 5:20 pm 

    so …. when he is talkin bout Meth bein his favourite …. why is he forgettin to mention that time he bit him ?

    and also, “its not a Wu-Tang beef, its a GZA beef” then why in the name of fuck is this clown quotin Deck lyrics and dissin them ? guy needs fucked up badly

  6. Hack on Mon, 31st Dec 2007 5:59 pm 

    lmfaoooooo look at this nigga could tell the wu tang members apart
    wow he took a line from meth jayz takes niggas careers

  7. Alexander on Mon, 31st Dec 2007 8:25 pm 

    Error opening file for me..

  8. g money on Tue, 1st Jan 2008 3:35 am 

    ahahahahahah 50 said i know why u like me im takin all their money ahahahah den he said the rest of dem niggas be like posaafees losafees ahahahahahahaha

  9. Moses on Mon, 3rd Mar 2008 11:13 pm 

    fuck fifty GZA has lyrics fifty aint got shit but a fake ass career Wu Tang Forever

  10. arx on Sat, 12th Apr 2008 9:25 am 

    wu-tang forever motherfuckers!
    fifty is just shit!

  11. tim on Fri, 2nd May 2008 10:36 pm 

    shits dumb yo 50 cent is wack…… how how he diss the master?? gza’ the genius/ 50′s the eminem made 50 now thats funny. 50 suck a dick and i would tell him to his face.

  12. panther on Wed, 11th Jun 2008 4:09 pm 



  13. L.B. on Thu, 17th Jul 2008 11:33 pm 

    50 cent can’t hold a candle to the genius or anyone else in the wu. Fuckin bubble gum rapping fuckin clown. Not even in the same universe as the wu. I did’nt even listen to that bullshit diss. 50 cent?!? c’mon!!

  14. Da boss on Thu, 21st Aug 2008 6:14 pm 

    50 cent is a faggot ass nigga mang… he doesnt have shit on the genius and any motherfucker who argues otherwise clearly hasnt listend to the liquid swords album or any other gza shit. so all you fake faggots get off 50′s dick and hop on a the wu tang band wagon son.

  15. joe giacalone on Mon, 1st Sep 2008 7:36 pm 

    Not only will GZA PUBLICLY lyrically humiliate the fuck outta 50, at any fucking time, but the Wu tang fan base will annihilate the fuck out of this fools wack ass mainstream radio humping faggot fans.

  16. parker on Wed, 3rd Sep 2008 3:02 pm 

    word joe giacalone 50 should drop dead.

  17. OCK on Sun, 14th Sep 2008 1:56 pm 

    Why do people associate making money with being a good rapper??

    Lots of people have money and aren’t nice rappers. OPRAH has a lot of money…. um… Jerry Seinfeld…

    I mean, you can like 50 cent because you’re poor and you wish you could be him, but when it comes to lyrical skills? 50 cent can’t even compete with those in his own weak crew, much less GZA. GZA was popular on the solo tip when 50 was like… 5… come on people. I bet the majority of 50′s fans never even heard of GZA.

    And, that’s not because 50 is good… Rappers like GZA made it possible for a hack like 50 to exist in this mainstream climate, by popularizing rap and proving that it wasn’t one-dimensional. Yes, 50 has money…

    So doesn’t Dr. Phil…

  18. J on Sun, 16th Nov 2008 3:29 pm 

    50 is a generic half ass rhyma The GZA is better then 50 in all aspects you dome fucks wat you know bout hip HOp

  19. SEAN on Wed, 19th Nov 2008 9:15 am 

    The GZA is the one of the best rappers alive. He is a lyrical genius. If you are just dissing him because 50 cent is, then you need to go buy a Wu-Tang CD. Wu-Tang Forever

  20. nut-O k.O on Sun, 14th Dec 2008 9:36 pm 

    wu-tang forever! Gza Genius ! BOH BOH fuck 50denT !

  21. Ed on Fri, 16th Jan 2009 7:37 am 

    GZA must be thinking…who da fuck is 50 cent?

  22. Tef on Sun, 1st Feb 2009 7:29 pm 

    GZA/Genius, i don’t even hav time to listen to wateva 50′s sayin. right now am listening to intelligent words of the GZA.

  23. Willy D on Sat, 14th Feb 2009 6:04 pm 

    Yo fifty cent is the most over-rated rappers of all time. He has no soul and speak for an unjust cause. He is inconsistent with his thoughts and frankly, worthless. Gza, on the hand has time and time again stood for all that is good in Hip-hop. Nice try fifty-fag.

  24. pat on Wed, 1st Apr 2009 2:58 pm 

    god 50 cent is fucking retarded

  25. DA MAN on Wed, 1st Apr 2009 6:41 pm 

    this is like 2 year old dis shit is stupid 50>>>>>>>>. Gza where gza out probaly suckin some dick to keep his house outta forclousre

  26. Dayna on Wed, 8th Apr 2009 7:33 am 

    50 is wack. And gza is not suckin some fuckin dick right now cuz i was with backstage with him last saturday BITCHES. now first of all 50 cent is wack for even trying to get at gza cuz their not even in the same class… wait 50 has class HA. nahh… but really 50 is a mainstream rapper and GZA the Genius is an MC hip Hop legend man…. 50 is dumb for even starting shit.

  27. Zach on Fri, 15th May 2009 7:29 pm 

    GZA takes bigger shits than 50 cent, nonetheless take any time out of his life to listen to what that faggot 50 has to say. WUTANG 4eva

  28. Tom on Mon, 18th May 2009 12:23 am 

    GZA vs. 50 cent. not even an issue. It’s like Pablo Picasso vs. a 4 year old finger painter. Wu Tang Forever. Curtis Jackson – 50 cents short of a dollar. peace

  29. killah b on Thu, 28th May 2009 8:06 pm 

    hahahaha fuck 50,,,you snitchn as fuck
    gza all day
    wutang fore life

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