The Truth About Chris Stokes raz b (pause) claims he was molested by chris stokes

December 24, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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chris stokes molesting b2k
(see videos inside)

RAZ B from b2k exposes ” the truth about chris “child molester” stokes and TUG” ….


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15 Comments on "The Truth About Chris Stokes raz b (pause) claims he was molested by chris stokes"

  1. N0 Choppa City on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 1:05 am 

    This explains Bow Wow and Omarions recent behavior

  2. cheeeeezzz wizzzz on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 1:25 am 

    chris ststststststtts ohhhh chris it s sad……..”TIN TAN TA ..TOUCH..TIN TAN TA ….TOUCH”… i know why he wrote that song for omarion….wait a min T.U.G…………..

    ….”TOUCH U GUYS”……mannnnnnnnnnn i knew something was wrong with that name

    cheeeeeezzzzzzz wizzzzzzz

  3. bully on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 1:34 am

    why am i not surprised

  4. Fucked on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 3:06 am 

    All of the boy groups are required..I repeat required to do homosexual activities.

    Many turn away and some stay. You must be initiated. Bow wow was fucked
    Omarion was fucked B2K was fucked and many more. You wouldnt believe what it takes to be a star. Many of those managers will ask to suck your dick.
    Sean Puffy Combs sucks all of his artists dicks before they sign the contract.
    Biggie Smalls was a homosexual (dont be mad) It’s real. Them niggas think its
    hard cause its something they do in jail but it is still considered gay.

    Iknow the DL on all of these faggot ass industry niggas so this aint shocking.

  5. NOBI on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 7:50 pm 


  6. Jasmine on Tue, 25th Dec 2007 4:11 am 

    I can believe that Chris Stokes did stupid shit like this! an di just wanted to say that i stand behind everyone who got molested thats coming out and saying it becuase its hard to let other people know! Trust me i know!

  7. THE FEELING on Tue, 25th Dec 2007 1:47 pm 

    man, omg @ what fucked said, that shit IS fucked up. BIGGIE!!!!??? But I did think I used to hear him say some “otha” shit, like that line on ALL ABOUT THE BENJMINS…anyone remember?

  8. Trice on Tue, 25th Dec 2007 7:09 pm 

    I know that this is true! I use to work with Chris when I lived in LA, and Chris known for his CUT THROAT ways, and being a hitler over the TUG cult. Omari’s mother was still living in the projects when her son was making it big! Chris ran their lives and tried to run others too! He will have to deall with God because he is no angel!

  9. KSEAN on Thu, 27th Dec 2007 1:43 pm 

    This is all news to me…..damn….all these little boy bands…? WOW. I aint got nothing to say…

  10. ME on Sat, 5th Jan 2008 12:08 pm 

    I know that is right F’ed. My husband was a producer for Badboy a few years back..and he saw sooo much suspect things goin on…That is when he got out of the RB and HipHop industry all together and he does gospel now. But what happens to these people in the industry is, they get ALL the women they want and then they do ALL the FREAKY things they can with ALL these women..then they run out of new things to try..and so what is next…MEN..and weed gets old so they go to COCAINE and whatever other drugs there are…i dont know drugs that well. But I am NEVER surprised when this stuff comes up…These people will literally sale their SOUL to make it happen…and Christ did the typical molester routine… gained trust..then moved in for the kill…and brainwashed them into making them think he really cared for them…just so they would think he wouldnt do anything to hurt them…when actually that is just what he wanted to do.

  11. capri on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 9:29 pm 

    what the fuck! what problems do bowwow and omari have #1? none cuz chris stokes didn’t molest shit! raz-b’s a fuckin liar. don’t believe his shit.

  12. ragudave on Sat, 25th Oct 2008 11:54 am 

    Is it true about Fitty & the Game?

  13. Jasmine on Sat, 13th Dec 2008 4:39 am 

    I believe wat dat nigga “Fucked,” was saying….Chris Strokes molested my nigga….(no name)….he still dealin wit dat shit today, my baby found God doe, and he stay in church and sing fa God now, Now Chris you fuckin wit one of God’s ppl now my nigga you really gone get it!!!!!!…..Chris strokes is a fuckin molester i don’t give a fuk wat nobody say…why would anybody make up shit like dat???? Dat nigga gay simple as dat…and i don’t know why the fuck he ain’t been convicted for it….I pray to God dat that hoe ass nigga get wats comin to his bitch ass…..and fa all yall stupid ass faggots takin up fa dis nigga yall probably got fucked by dat nigga too…shit….you gone take up for him cus he given yo bitch ass money on da low….my nigga get dat shit out of here!!!!! U don’t know the real story unless yo bitch ass was actually the fuckin victim!!!! Dat Nigga Sick as hell!!!!

  14. sexy on Sun, 4th Jul 2010 5:38 pm 

    I can’t believe chris strokes did that 2 them young boys they were just babys he is so sick for that he just wanted to suck there dick because they were sexy n they looked better then his gay ass he was 2 insecure.He lied n said he not gay no more raz b wouldn’t lie about getting raped n his ass hurt that’s not nothing 2 play wit like that they really should of locked yo ass up 4 dat dude.

  15. stop lyiing on Thu, 9th Sep 2010 11:46 pm 

    raz b is lying. why would he have a happy dinner with his molester. get real, they all gay and was fucking. a good time was had by all. u see that damn gay ass picture with them stripping. they just mad cause chris is rich and put them out the group and only focused on omarion, lmao@bitter gay boys

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