Chinese iq test – how smart are you

December 21, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Chinese iq test – how smart are you …. ( thanks mint for the correction)

dont post the answer

Everybody has to cross the river;
Maximum 2 persons on the raft at a time;
The father can not stay with any of the daughters without their mother’s presence;
The mother can not stay with any of the sons without their father’s presence;
The thief (striped shirt) can not stay with any family member if the Policeman is not there;
Only the Father, the Mother and the Policeman know how to operate the raft;

To start click on the big blue circle on the right;
To move the people click on them;
To move the raft click on the pole on the opposite side of the river.


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119 Comments on "Chinese iq test – how smart are you"

  1. napps126 on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 1:08 pm 

    don….did u beat this thing?

  2. Don Of Dons. on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 1:42 pm 

    yup … took about 25 minutes

  3. smooove k on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 1:47 pm 


  4. Tiburon on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 1:50 pm 

    Just finished it, it’s a little confusing, the funny dance at the end made it all worth it lol.

  5. SeF on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 1:58 pm 

    it took me forever but I got it! leave the*****by **** on the last trip….it took 10 mins really.

  6. Soulfulcat on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 2:12 pm 

    I Just Got It…But I’m trying to do it again, but I can’t…Dang!!!

  7. napps126 on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 2:23 pm 

    HAHAHA!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!

  8. FeelinKindaSlow-MC on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 2:48 pm 

    what up thuns, whats the answer yo ?

  9. daruler on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 4:22 pm 

    heh, took me bout 15 minutes but i got it. good one!

  10. its me on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 6:46 pm 

    bull shit i cant do it

  11. its me on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 6:53 pm 

    i can get the boys over or the girs then the cop and prisinor

  12. mint on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 8:08 pm 

    This words not JAPANESE!!!!!
    This is Chinese!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Lakey on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 10:24 pm 

    In the immortal words of Biggie at the source awards, “We did it Brooklyn!!!!!!!”

  14. Lakey on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 10:26 pm 

    Only I’m from Jerz and I didn’t feel like quoting Joey Buttons.

  15. timeless on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 1:29 am 

    This game is nasty, implying rape and incest

  16. cutta4eva on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 1:33 pm 

    Smartest nigga alive!! Look like they throwing nazi hand signals in the air or sumchin.

  17. cutta4eva on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 1:35 pm 

    SMARTEST NIGGA? hmm! Those words shouldn’t go together right. lol!

  18. browski on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 2:38 pm 

    how you expect the thief not to break when the cop leaves her alone?

  19. Dutch DInero on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 7:22 pm 

    REAL TALK i did it in under a minute

  20. AHA on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 8:29 pm 

    FUCKUDCKDUCKKK :) i did it.. kinda easy if you think about it.

  21. Mr Mention on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 10:02 pm 

    fuck this . gimme the answer

  22. Coffee on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 10:39 pm 

    This shit is pissin me off!!! LOL

  23. Coffee on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 10:57 pm 

    I GOT IT! I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!! :)

  24. Sheeny on Sun, 23rd Dec 2007 12:01 am 

    That was lots of fun, i did it once and took me even longer the second time >_> finally got it down though

  25. on Sun, 23rd Dec 2007 8:58 am 

    finally got it..after a few tries. it is really simple once you think about it. i guess thats the point.

  26. donald on Sun, 23rd Dec 2007 7:07 pm 

    i got it

  27. NOBI on Sun, 23rd Dec 2007 8:52 pm 


  28. James Murchison on Sun, 23rd Dec 2007 9:08 pm 

    I GOT THAT SHIT..took me a minute..but i finally got it..

  29. nameynameybullet on Sun, 23rd Dec 2007 10:14 pm 

    I didnt get it in 3 tries like some pple… bt i DID

  30. felix0s4 on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 1:37 am 

    did it easyyy woulda done it faster if i didnt laugh everytime the theif knocked the kids
    uptowns finest
    174 stand up

  31. marika on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 5:44 am 

    tell me the answer

  32. its me on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 12:32 pm 

    give me the answer!!!!!!!!!!

  33. wtf on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 9:55 pm 

    now the games notting me take the father with the second son wtf

  34. nyanya on Tue, 25th Dec 2007 11:51 am 

    finally i got it! it took me sooo long!

  35. Zeke on Tue, 25th Dec 2007 9:03 pm 

    This game sucks, this has to be the worst game ever

  36. Pumpkin on Thu, 27th Dec 2007 10:38 pm 

    Damn, finally got it.

  37. KK on Thu, 27th Dec 2007 10:42 pm 

    OMYGOSH, i solved! It took me awhile to do it too..pero i’m mucho happy! i feel so proud of myself! XD

    I thought this was pretty hard though but i stil solved on my own! XD

  38. shonnie pooh on Fri, 28th Dec 2007 5:19 pm 

    i beat.

  39. YO MOMMA on Sun, 6th Jan 2008 12:05 pm 

    Finished that shiz in like an hour :S

  40. Sean on Tue, 15th Jan 2008 3:08 am 

    It’s easy after i know the solution..haha…

  41. Xiao Bai on Mon, 25th Feb 2008 8:00 am 

    How … how …. how ….? What is the solution …. ….. can tell me ar …
    Because i cant bring all the person cross the river lah …

  42. Jucausu` on Sun, 9th Mar 2008 1:36 pm 

    This answer is… you get everyone on the raft… and shoot them the other side.. if you look closer you will see a button that extenses the raft for all of the persons to come on bord :) ))))))) no.. just kiddin`.. took me about 10 min also.. and for all of u who don`t know how to beat this here`s a hint: at first you take…f.,asf.algkadgdgkdg damn… my comp broke :) ))))))))))))

  43. scouse on Mon, 7th Apr 2008 8:40 am 

    it must be my superior British intelligence……..did it in five mins no problem……….

  44. britney on Sat, 31st May 2008 2:34 am 

    yesss! i finished it twice…and im not tellin…haha MEWAEL IS A LOOOSERRRR

  45. REYO on Sat, 12th Jul 2008 1:47 pm 

    yeah i did this yeahhhhh. i’m smart, although took 9 minutes though

  46. brittany on Fri, 3rd Oct 2008 12:33 pm 


  47. Tan on Wed, 8th Oct 2008 6:19 am 

    i’m the the king of the world

  48. Moreno3 on Thu, 9th Oct 2008 7:50 pm 

    this is crazy. Takes alot of thought and many tries. at least for me. who thought of this sick lil game anyways. ahhh

  49. Tiffany on Sun, 12th Oct 2008 6:10 pm 

    yay me!!! i got it once couldnt remember how i got it so did it again to figure it out… i feel so smart!!!!

  50. Ivan on Sun, 26th Oct 2008 7:31 am 

    yeah it is interesting game

  51. icup on Sun, 26th Oct 2008 9:56 am 

    this game is so easy sense everyone wants the code here it is:

    **answer edited out**

    then they do this cool dance! lolz

  52. cookie on Sun, 16th Nov 2008 1:40 pm 

    Here’s the answer if you can’t figure it out:)

    (answer edited out …)

  53. ipod on Tue, 23rd Dec 2008 7:56 am 

    finally! i DID IT!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

  54. keitho on Tue, 6th Jan 2009 5:41 pm 

    yo son….this easdy i did it in 1 min

  55. Anthony on Thu, 15th Jan 2009 6:06 pm 

    Fun game, first try took me 15 mins, but then everything came together.

  56. Joe Jordan on Tue, 27th Jan 2009 4:37 pm 

    This is very unique I finish this iq test less than 3 minutes you really have 2 focus and think outside the box are there anymore I would like 2 try more.

  57. octavio on Mon, 9th Feb 2009 8:52 pm 

    My teacher told me about this. i tried it but it was time for class to end so he told me if i finished my work i could do it again i tried to finish my work in time so i could do it but every time i only had 5 min left. i finally finished it today and it only took me like less than 2min. lol even i was suprised i was mad when i did it and idk it just worked out in my favor ^_^

  58. Nemisis on Fri, 13th Feb 2009 12:15 pm 

    OMG That was so easy, required no brain power what so ever

  59. Beth on Wed, 25th Feb 2009 3:56 pm 

    I finished it in under 2 mins.

  60. drew on Wed, 18th Mar 2009 3:19 pm 

    i finished it in 1 minute 14.72 seconds

  61. Trevi The Bomb 1 on Fri, 3rd Apr 2009 5:07 pm 

    Its fun i did it in under 5 minutes
    Beat Tht

  62. Trevi The Bomb 1 on Fri, 3rd Apr 2009 5:13 pm 

    then i finshined in 1 minute 14 seconds now try and beat that time

  63. ilham on Sat, 11th Apr 2009 6:46 am 

    this is so rubbish so kiss my ass and go to your mother fucker
    and suck her wrinkly pussy

  64. imran on Fri, 17th Apr 2009 2:43 am 

    i think its very easy.

  65. Eric Tsang on Sun, 26th Apr 2009 6:19 am 


  66. Nevin Tsang on Sun, 26th Apr 2009 6:56 am 


  67. Longwei on Thu, 7th May 2009 9:14 pm 

    I solve this 5 times within 40 minutes and was succeed in the first time, the key was to have the police and theft go first and they are the last one to pass too

  68. Quan Lam on Thu, 7th May 2009 11:15 pm 

    nice game I like it, if any of you know any kind of game like this but really really hard, please post

  69. majkidimajk on Thu, 28th May 2009 11:16 am 

    it took me 5 minutes to solve this one

  70. somebody on Fri, 24th Jul 2009 7:11 am 

    yes,i can finish it with less than 1 minute.
    it’s queit easy.

  71. somebody on Fri, 24th Jul 2009 7:12 am 

    yes,i can beat that

  72. Micael on Tue, 28th Jul 2009 1:49 pm 

    UM>>> took me 33 minutes it just eventually came to me… dont know how i did it… but the answer is pretty simple… let me put it in other words… 2 at a time, mom cant stay with boys alone, dad cant stay with girls alone, none of the family members can stay with the convict unless cop is there, EVERYONE has to cross, and MOM DAD COP are the only ones smart enough to maneuver that raft made of cheap material… OH YAH and give it 30 minutes of doing the same thing over and over, and it will eventually hit the correct pattern… THAT EASY :?

  73. Charlotte on Wed, 29th Jul 2009 8:56 am 

    This thing is pissin’ me off! Somebody give me the answer! And why the hell would the parents beat up the kids of the opposite sex?

  74. jordan on Thu, 24th Sep 2009 10:17 am 

    thats easy it comes dead quick dont give up n less you a puff

  75. kthoma38 on Sun, 18th Oct 2009 7:34 pm 

    it really is commonsense if you think bout it ,lol

  76. Andrew on Mon, 2nd Nov 2009 1:27 pm 

    I found it so much an easy test. I could solve it in less than 3 minutes!! :)

  77. Andrew on Mon, 2nd Nov 2009 1:29 pm 

    I got it within less than 3min and this is my 1st try!!

  78. whitetiger56 on Sat, 9th Jan 2010 8:00 pm 

    i am finding the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. enteR on Sat, 30th Jan 2010 5:15 pm 

    is this a Japanese or Chinese iq test now? :D

    @link Japanese-iq-test-how-smart-are-you
    @subject Chinese iq test – how smart are you


    got it right the first time… not really challenging. The one with wolves and sheep is a bit harder.

  80. Reid on Tue, 23rd Feb 2010 1:10 pm 

    I Did It!!! I Take 7 minute

  81. wills on Sun, 25th Apr 2010 3:25 am 

    took me 4 mins 11 secs its piss easy when u look at it

  82. t-swizzle on Sun, 25th Apr 2010 3:08 pm 

    Got it in like 1 minute and a half.

  83. iryntot on Mon, 17th May 2010 12:21 pm 

    i’m 14 years old and it took me 30 minutes to finish this..on the second try i didn’t make any mistake. this IQ test is good. (:

  84. Alexis on Sat, 22nd May 2010 7:58 am 

    i give up im only 13 years old and im 32 percent of japense

  85. Alexis on Sat, 22nd May 2010 8:02 am 

    hey can you tell me anser

  86. Alexis on Sat, 22nd May 2010 8:05 am 

    shit didnt get it again

  87. Alexis on Sat, 22nd May 2010 8:06 am 


  88. Rabih on Tue, 15th Jun 2010 9:21 am 

    it’s sooooo easy I finished it in less than 2 mins

  89. kaylee on Thu, 1st Jul 2010 7:44 pm 

    i finished 5 times :) haha

  90. darian on Wed, 21st Jul 2010 9:48 pm 

    this crap is hard thee little ching chings can swim across the river

  91. nina on Sun, 25th Jul 2010 8:07 pm 

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!i did it!! it took me about 15 min, and im 18 years old..

  92. stephen hardy on Sat, 11th Sep 2010 5:35 pm 

    couldn’t get answer to chinese iq test

  93. popcorn on Tue, 30th Nov 2010 4:10 pm 

    i finished it is so easy try 2nd grade chinese test search it on google if you need the answer go to my website and ill send u some

  94. daniel rivas on Sat, 12th Feb 2011 1:59 am 

    ok so like im not chinese and stuff but whatever! i tried for what seemed to eternity! so finally i got frustrated and my boyfriend youtubed it! yay for me lol! i love him :)

  95. kenzie on Mon, 23rd May 2011 1:24 pm 

    This is is hard! i cant think:/

  96. April on Tue, 14th Jun 2011 9:53 am 

    That was such a big rush………. If you have common sense, You will figure it out.

  97. Paky on Wed, 2nd Nov 2011 5:14 pm 

    Lol, i solved it in about a minute. Too simple. Am i suposed to be a genius now? No. Because logic has nothing to do with the wisdome you pick up as you go on in life. Btw im 13 ^^

  98. Chelsea on Sat, 12th Nov 2011 4:49 pm 

    Yes!! I finally did it!! yay!! it took about 15 mintues!! I must be so smart… ^^

  99. unicorn on Sat, 3rd Dec 2011 4:35 pm 

    actually pretty easy

  100. DEBORA on Fri, 30th Dec 2011 6:40 am 

    É BOM

  101. sassy bassy on Sun, 29th Jan 2012 11:13 am 

    this iisshh is gay over 100%of chinese couldnt get this i am british lad and i know

  102. neva on Sun, 4th Mar 2012 4:45 pm 

    this is the best game

  103. neva on Sun, 4th Mar 2012 4:45 pm 

    this is the best game

  104. neva on Sun, 4th Mar 2012 4:45 pm 

    this is the best game

  105. neva on Sun, 4th Mar 2012 4:45 pm 

    this is the best game

  106. neva on Sun, 4th Mar 2012 4:47 pm 

    i finshed lesthen 2 minO=

  107. neva on Sun, 4th Mar 2012 4:48 pm 


  108. super78925 on Sat, 10th Mar 2012 7:46 pm 

    wow this was hard but i finally got it

  109. little kid on Mon, 21st May 2012 3:47 pm 

    my teacher told me if i was smart i wood get it and i got it i am only 11

  110. ryan on Wed, 27th Jun 2012 12:51 am 

    took me about 10 minutes. its pretty fun

  111. haha on Tue, 24th Jul 2012 4:00 pm 


  112. haha on Tue, 24th Jul 2012 4:13 pm 

    Third try, new record 49 seconds, I am 100% Chinese.

  113. Sandeep Chittakwar on Tue, 7th Aug 2012 11:29 am 

    I got it within 5 jst littlt bit confusing but interesting…if similer kind flash puzzles anyone have pls send me on my mail(

    Great chinees with great puzzles..

  114. hanie on Sat, 15th Sep 2012 9:11 pm 

    i’m 11 years old…. i can’t get it!!!!!

  115. hanie on Sat, 15th Sep 2012 9:25 pm 

    now i only need to move only three of them that are left… this is sooo hard Dx

  116. hanie on Sat, 15th Sep 2012 9:26 pm 

    ahhh i give up
    i dont care anymore……

  117. linda on Thu, 13th Dec 2012 1:39 am 

    So easy, it took me about 1 minute

  118. linda on Thu, 13th Dec 2012 1:40 am 

    and i am only 10

  119. jeanluc on Mon, 24th Dec 2012 4:55 pm 

    did it in 4 minutes ! next one please

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