Bow Wow Demands Respect

December 16, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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bow wow and omarion getting close
(see videos inside)

Video Bow Wow Demands Respect For Him & Omarion


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15 Comments on "Bow Wow Demands Respect"

  1. bully on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 4:50 am 

    that lil faggit is trying to sound like ti

  2. small eyez on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 8:50 am 

    kill thyself bow wow.

    you need bodyguards to twist that sugar plum fairy dude?

    bow lost.

  3. Blood Money on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 12:52 pm 

    bow wow trying to protect omarion, like o is his girl

    not a good look

  4. Jiggz on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 2:00 pm 

    Is it me or does bow wow run omarion??… come on…and wut is with this t.i accent swagger jackin talk like??? we all know bow wow is not from the south so he needs to cool off. Omarion, stand up for your self man! just because bow wow gets offended doesn’t mean you have to follow!….i don’t know why bow wow lookin out for you like your his gurl or something……

  5. Jizz on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 4:23 pm 

    get the fuck outta here- come on bow wow- nobody beleives you
    somebody need to bring this down to earth

  6. Lil Bow Wow on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 5:08 pm 

    Real talk, bra, respect me! You know damn well who we are, real talk! I ain’t messing witchoo bra, realk talk!

  7. Cmon on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 6:51 pm 

    I love how noone even is talkin bout how disrespectful Toure was bein?? Yawnin all during the interview, slouching down and ish. He WAS bein disrespectful flat out. I agree wit what ya’ll sayin. Bow’s swag is forced and all that but disrespect is disrespect and he handled that!

    O was runnin behind him like a lil’ kid though. LMAO!

  8. daruler on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 7:32 pm 

    he think since ti used to write his shit he gotta act like him.

  9. StopTheGenocide on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 8:38 pm 

    Bow Wow needs to stop. I dont take him seriously as a rapper. Never have. Somebody smack the shit outta him….please.

  10. Aaron on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 9:29 pm 

    I feel like Omarion would beat the sh1t outta bow wows loud talkin a$$. Someone needs to hit up t.i and ask him he was able to ghost write THIS MANS swag. Bow wow. N1gga uza b1tch!

  11. Lee on Tue, 18th Dec 2007 1:56 am 

    Bow Wow had every right to react the way he did,and im not even vouching for fam like that,i don’t care for they single at all! but right is right,and wrong is wrong..fam was playing O..and got a lil slick with bow wow with the “lil wayne chain is bigger joke” so yea..Toure asked for i though..true story!

  12. TripleX on Tue, 18th Dec 2007 3:58 am 

    Gotta agree with Lee on this one…REAL TALK

  13. Dhae on Tue, 18th Dec 2007 5:01 am 

    He aint no fan of wow bow, So why you expect him to act different.
    wow bow lost. Dude walked off in some pumps. rotflmao.

  14. Cal on Tue, 18th Dec 2007 9:49 am 

    Hahaha, What a punk. Bow wow gay, Hiding behind security running
    from the commentator, talkin bout handle dat. He a TI fan, you stan.
    thats a bad look, hes talking about respect, when you gona respect us? crying. Thats some real weak ish! How O gona hang out with someone of his caliber? He cant do nothin but bring you down. Im not a fan!

  15. Ace Boogie (the dots voice) on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 1:12 am 

    The nigga bow wow is a loser but give him some cred he stood by his man and spoke up for them both toure relly pushed his buttons lol talin bout the chain then chris brown and the naked video lol….

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