Salutes Floyd Mayweather

December 9, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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mayweather vs hatton
(see video inside)

england gets another L …watch a clip from last nights fight as FLOYD MAYWEATHER beats RICKY HATTON …. and salutes the young boss Goonie for another legendary post


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9 Comments on "Salutes Floyd Mayweather"

  1. NotU on Sun, 9th Dec 2007 12:11 am 

    The picture is a little too much but yea Mayweather did his thing….the fight was good and I give Floyd his props……he’s a very good fighter

  2. Sundown H1 on Sun, 9th Dec 2007 12:07 pm 

    cant take anything away from the guy, he backs up his shit. he took it easy with hatton too.

  3. B-Dub on Sun, 9th Dec 2007 3:10 pm 

    cant front that was a sweet ass punch from mayweather, real precise.

  4. Shyne on Mon, 10th Dec 2007 3:59 am 

    i like mayweather and im happy he won, my only problem with him is, he dose not have a lot of class… hopefully he will grow out of the make it rain attitude….

  5. napps126 on Mon, 10th Dec 2007 6:30 am 

    i’m convinced now…Mayweather is KING!!!!!!….theme music please…”I GET MONEY!!!!’

  6. murda on Mon, 10th Dec 2007 8:42 am 

    damn, I thought floyd was about to get rocked when he was backed into the corner…but he connected with a pretty sweet punch

  7. Truth on Mon, 10th Dec 2007 11:08 am 

    Walks it like he talks it…what else can you say, the man backs it up! Mad props!

  8. Downtown on Tue, 11th Dec 2007 11:24 am 


  9. Downtown on Tue, 11th Dec 2007 11:25 am 


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