Video group of black teens attacking white rider on ‘A’ train

December 7, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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“It’s either a sickening subway attack – or a sickening 4-minute, 18-second hoax.

Either way, a videotaped beating of a white man by black teenagers on the A train sparked a citywide search for the alleged suspects and victim Wednesday night after the shocking footage hit the Internet. ” – NYDAILYNEWS


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12 Comments on "Video group of black teens attacking white rider on ‘A’ train"

  1. John on Fri, 7th Dec 2007 4:11 am 

    Yo, da guy wanted to punch the kid but he held back though cause he probably woulda felt guilty knocking him out. Yo why was he standing there arguing with these kids for??

  2. GP on Fri, 7th Dec 2007 5:25 am 

    That is foul! Crazy foul! What was their point!?! They look so ignorant. I’m trying to tell you, we as a people are gonna have white people so scared of us that they’re gonna put the military in the hood. Then we’ll see who has the last word. We better chill……….and go back to that Kwame and the poka dots that we claimed was so corny. Meaning, we need to go back to when it was fun & cool, not thug & kill. Stuff ain’t even funny no more.

  3. Alexander on Fri, 7th Dec 2007 5:50 am 

    He shoulda walked to a different car as soon as they got heated. You already outnumbered point in taking an L cause you wanna boost your ego

  4. napps126 on Fri, 7th Dec 2007 7:00 am 

    This is another “Nigga Moment”-Boondocks….

  5. NotU on Fri, 7th Dec 2007 7:00 am 

    All he had to do was go to another seat instead of taking the shit from them…..on the real I wanted to fight them kids myself and knock the shit out of them…..stupid fucks…..I feel so embarrass for them

  6. K.BLACK on Fri, 7th Dec 2007 11:53 am 


  7. daruler on Fri, 7th Dec 2007 5:44 pm 

    that was some bullshit how they was fuckin’ wit dude. then ol’ gul talkin’ shit talkin’ bout “i’ll knock you out and i’m drunk too”. that kinda shit brings shame to my race. i probably would’ve helped ol’ boy. then the other dude acting like he was tryin’ to get ‘em off him and he throwin’ blows on the sly. i don’t think its racist, its ignorance and stupidty…

  8. Ego101 on Sat, 8th Dec 2007 9:40 am 

    I mean after the 1st hit he shoulda got atleast sumthin in.. fuck it! u either gonna not get ne hits ang get jumped.. or get sum n still get jumped.. overall this is ignorance at its finest. youtube is bringin dumb niggas to the forefront.. this why white people be buggin.. dumb young ass niggas..

  9. Gee on Sat, 8th Dec 2007 5:21 pm 

    I wouldve fucked them bitches up, the one with the biggest mouth and most heart wouldve got it first. They better had had a knife or i wouldve been stomping the shit out of one of those hoes. hes a nice guy and did the right thing. But ill knock a 80 year old man out if he takes it their.

  10. lola on Sun, 9th Dec 2007 11:33 pm 

    Omg!! These kids are crazy!! Why was everyone just standing there and only a white girl went to defend the guy!!! I’m telling you; in NY you could be dying in the middle of the street and people would step you over and mind their business. These kids are crazy stupid..thinking they’re gangster cuz they’re picking on a solo dolo..”tsk”

  11. HAAAY on Sat, 29th Dec 2007 2:34 am 

    and our black youth wonder why ppl pay them no mind….because of the foolishness like that
    if it was only one of sure they wudnt have done sh!t..but once theyre in a group they feel they can be all brave
    …they all gonna gets whats coming to them one day if they continue in such a way

  12. Tbigs on Sun, 13th Apr 2008 10:26 pm 

    That was entertaining. If he was dumb enough to let them kick his ass, it’s his fault. All yall saying this make Black people look bad but what about the white bitches that beat up a girl on youtube? We not the only ones doing crazy shit like this.

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