GHOSTFACE KILLAH speaks on RZA messing up 8 Diagrams

November 30, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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ghostface killah
(see video inside)

GHOSTFACE KILLAH speaks on RZA messing up wu tang clans new album “8 Diagrams” ….


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5 Comments on "GHOSTFACE KILLAH speaks on RZA messing up 8 Diagrams"

  1. Makea on Fri, 30th Nov 2007 11:16 pm 

    The man knows what’s he talking about. The Big Doe Rehab and his past 3 albums are consistent and the beat selection is superb.

    However, I disagree. The new Wu album is forward looking and sounds very fresh. The same complaints were heard after their second album. The second album is now considered to be ahead of it’s time, as this one will eventually be.

  2. cheeeeeeezzzzzzz wizzzzzzzzz on Sat, 1st Dec 2007 3:26 am 

    stststst it s sad real sad…ststts….for real ghost as a point the album is pure garbage but hey next time talk about it b-4 droppin it……….shout out to the rza and the whole wu-tang
    R.I.P ODB

    cheeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz wizzzzzzzzzzzzz

    P.S N.C to the fullest one love U.D (Nightcrawlers,Underdogz)

  3. VAndal on Sat, 1st Dec 2007 6:59 am 

    WTF is Ghost talkin bouT?? These dudes want WU to compete with the hip POP thats out now and that aint what WU is about! How the fuk would WU sound on a Pharell beat or a Kanye beat?? They wont sound like WU!! I love Ghost but he smokin some shit. Its like they wanted to commercialize WU and thats not what the Wu fans are after. The album is sick !!! Like the other comment says same shit was said about Forever and niggas is still catchin up to that now/

  4. Cutta4eva on Sun, 2nd Dec 2007 2:23 pm 

    Ghost is right that the last couple of WU albums sounded like trash. But putting outside producers on album would make the album not a WU album. They just need to come together and decide what beat to use

  5. paco on Wed, 9th Apr 2008 5:44 pm 

    he doesn know what he is talking about Wu-Tang Clan i the best.

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