ANGEL LOLA LUV … video before she allegedly had work done on her body

November 21, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(pictures inside for comparisons)

Video of Angel Lola Luv before she ALLEGEDLY had her teeth fixed , batty & breast enlarged …. while her teeth aint f–ked up like ppl from englands you can tell she had some work done on her grill …. as for her breast and batty i really dont know … they look just about the same too me

angel3 angel2 angel

salutes blackjackskanz

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32 Comments on "ANGEL LOLA LUV … video before she allegedly had work done on her body"

  1. dsuper on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 6:04 am 

    Yup. Just the teeth. Everything else is pretty much the same.

  2. NotU on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 8:02 am 

    That bitch took back the rubber….fuck that……we’re using a rubber….but looks the same…..not sure about the teeth cause I don’t look there if I ain’t kissing her…..

  3. EIGHTSIXTY on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 8:18 am 


  4. Ziploc Moe on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 9:08 am 

    You niggas woulda fucked that bitch if she had an eye patch, so don’t act like you wouldn’t when she had the gangsta grill in her mouth.

  5. storm aka dream on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 9:18 am 

    well i happen to have been an employee where lola used to work she got her tits done her ass done and her teeth done but thats good cause now she makin money i aint a hater but she look better to me before she did all that bullshit and i used to dance with her so i know she had wide hips a little bit abooty and bout a A cup in titis but she was one of the baddest bitches in dc besides myself and her girlfriend logan but a guess a little body work didnt hurt she still fine as hell

  6. storm aka dream on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 9:26 am 

    this video was made after she got her ass done and before she got her tits&teeth done it had to be like after her first photo shoot with black mans my girlfriend called me the next week

  7. Nerdelphia on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 2:04 pm 

    Still a dime before & after IMO… can see a difference in the teeth tho.

  8. Duhro on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 6:17 pm 

    I don’t like this “fake booty” trend.

  9. WTF on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 8:57 pm 

    Next they will invent fake pussy. Chicks will be walking around with extra tight pussies

  10. WTF on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 8:58 pm 

    But I guess they can do that now if they just do kegels

  11. Shawn on Thu, 22nd Nov 2007 12:22 pm 

    There’s nothing wrong with having her teeth fix that’s what a dentist is for. But I still think she had a little work done on her breast.

  12. Shawn on Thu, 22nd Nov 2007 12:23 pm 

    Shit I’ll put on a condomn too I don’t want no baby yet!

  13. CLAK69 on Thu, 22nd Nov 2007 1:48 pm 

    Call her CLAK’s B

  14. ROC on Fri, 23rd Nov 2007 12:10 pm 

    She probably was going to suck his dick that’s why she put down the condom. That’s why my hoes put down the condom, lol.

  15. Riq on Mon, 26th Nov 2007 7:11 am 

    that booty just looks outta place. i’m a fan of phatties, don’t get me wrong but, it doesn’t look like she should have that ass on her frame. i like my chicks 100% natural, appreciate what God gave you.

  16. OverLord on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 2:20 am 

    huh… Actually, I think Lola would look just fine with or without the work, but I would not put her out the bed either way.

  17. JayB on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 4:15 am 

    Look like it was in the process of growing anyway. In the video she can’t be but 18. I have seen many small frames with Lola’s body but I’m with old boy, she could have one leg with a hop. She still looks gooodddd!

  18. emareperiod on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 7:43 am 

    1 condom
    1 fine ass bitch who isn’t afraid to disregard condoms
    1 night.

    Oh yeah, I’d be excited to be hitting them guts raw the 2nd or 3rd time during the night. Take my chances on the “pull out” method. Hope no one teaches her about pre-cum pregnancies incase it goes down and have that whore up there maury povich style recollecting all the dudes that broad (bleep)’d…and that’s when the aesthetically outstanding elements of beauty and passion turn into all out nastiness, drama, and potentially life altering delimmas.

    In summary: Do not have sex at all until you’re married you low-self esteem no morals having whore!

  19. rula on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 3:25 pm 

    Slut! not wearin a condom, wat a slut! no wonder STD’s n HIV flyin round, stupid sirty slut bitch!

  20. Deus on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 3:48 pm 

    Angel the blessed-shit youngs. Hatin get folk to no place, so get off little mama clit tip fareal.
    Really though, she done spoke on her teeth (the gap): she got veneers. Anybody addressing their teeth ain’t no reason to hate, (ya young-fuck-asses wannabe niggas) and her body was still blessed then and is more so now (and that’s real, call me a lie).
    Go play wit ya dick and a greasy banana ya fuckin faggots
    (I’m playin wit ya’ll. mama fine tho. so end it.)

  21. Honey on Tue, 11th Dec 2007 11:28 am 

    Its obvious her body is fake its actually funny that people even question whether its real. Anybody with eye’s could see that its not real, shit stevie wonders could have told you that LOL. But i think she’s a pretty girl in the face, the only thing she would of had to do was get them teeth fixed and she would of been straight. But i guess she decided to go above and beyone with the breast and butt implants or whatever. But regardless if its fake or not she doin her thang i aint knockin the hustle. Buffie’s butt is fake too she admitted to getting her butt done on a radio talk show. But buffie doesnt get as much controversy because her butt actually looks real.

  22. Andre on Tue, 11th Dec 2007 11:36 am 

    JUST BECAUSE EVERYBODY AINT INTO FAKE ASSESS AND FAKE TITTIES DONT MEAN WE HATERS OR FAGOTS! i honestly feel that the eye candy of the year should of went to somebody more authentic. this gurl is fake from top to bottom, i like a gurl wit a phatty but i also like mines 100% real. her ass looks hard and deformed and she definitely over did it on the ass. and i agree wit the gurl above me i was a fan of buffie and then i found her ass was fake as well. but at least her’s looks real.

  23. aka 6Shooter on Tue, 11th Dec 2007 6:42 pm 

    ahhhhh, Looks like Angel got the movie deal. ALL you haters catchin the vapors! LMAO Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

    Thay caught the vapors…

  24. xxxcop on Fri, 14th Dec 2007 4:41 am 

    Logan her girl friend is actually badder then her…but I hope them both the best

  25. Prettyliyah on Mon, 31st Dec 2007 11:38 am 

    Yeah ou ca tell she hs had work done ……look at that ass bittes (titties) and mouth but so what she’s not the first and dam sure wont be the las…….she pretty though …..and yes she should have used to condom not only for babies but for Std you asses

  26. nini11 on Mon, 28th Jan 2008 3:31 pm 

    LMAO @ fake pussy comment!!!!!

  27. NOOKIE on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 3:36 pm 


  28. NOOKIE on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 3:37 pm 


  29. Stew-XL on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 4:45 pm 

    ..Shiiiit! I’d still fuck her!!!

  30. Stew-XL on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 4:45 pm 

    ..Shiiiit! I’d still fuck her!!!

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    [...] angel lola luv ….. … shout out to Mr [...]

  32. likita on Mon, 12th Oct 2009 7:15 pm 

    you better use a rubber cuz she got hiv and herpes go to

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