Damon Dash owes New York 2.9 mill in taxes ?

November 19, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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dame dash

According to the ny times Dame dash owes NY 2.9 mill in taxes read story inside

November 18, 2007 — Derek Jeter isn’t the only New York celeb grabbing the taxman’s attention.

While the Yankee shortstop is in hot water for allegedly failing to pay his fair share of income taxes by claiming he lives in Florida, dozens of other boldface Big Apple names pepper the state’s list of tax deadbeats, according to the most up-to-date records from the state Tax Department obtained by The Post.

The records show that hip-hop mogul Damon Dash – whose estimated $50 million fortune bought him a chauffeur-driven $400,000 Maybach sedan, diamond-encrusted watches and more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers – owes the state more than $2 million.

Dash, 36, is one of almost 225,000 city debtors who together have shortchanged the city and state more than $1 billion in income taxes, penalties and interest, the records show.

Some on the list – including actor Gary Oldman – said they had recently paid up and their warrants should be closed. The state Tax Department acknowledged it can take several weeks for recent payments to be indicated in their records.

As of Friday, the records showed that Emmy-winning actress Cicely Tyson owes $124,320, while Tony-winning dancer Ben Vereen is behind $119,825 and photographer Annie Leibovitz owes $135,916.

And in a stunning turnaround, former Salomon Brothers CEO John Gutfreund – known as the “King of Wall Street” during the ’80s – was named in a $230,440 warrant filed in March. Warrants are filed so the state can seize property or garnish wages.

Some well-known musicians also failed to pay the piper, records show.

Classical pianist and composer Andre Previn, who won four Oscars for scoring movies including “Gigi” and “My Fair Lady,” owes $30,938, according to a warrant filed in September.

“Free jazz” pioneer Ornette Coleman, awarded the Pulitzer Prize for music this year, was put on the hook for $7,814 in July. And rocker John Cale of the influential ’60s band The Velvet Underground owes $157,743 according to six warrants filed between 1998 and 2003.

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-Brooklyn) was named in a July warrant for $12,710. A spokeswoman said Clarke was “working to resolve this matter.”

The biggest warrant – for almost $16.8 million – was filed last year against former philanthropist and money manager Alberto Vilar, who is facing federal fraud charges for allegedly skimming funds from investors to fund his charitable contributions.

Records show lawyer Darnay Hoffman, who represented subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz, owes $59,186, and his wife, “Mayflower Madam” Sydney Biddle Barrows, owes $290,167.

Real estate broker Charles Borrok and lawyer John Kelly both said they were making payments to clear their debts, while Penthouse magazine artist Ori Hofmekler said he “would be happy to pay” his $3,667 bill, but hadn’t known about it because he moved to California.

City deadbeats account for nearly half of the state’s 462,802 open tax warrants.

Tax Department spokesman Thomas Bergin said aggressive efforts brought in more than $332 million through warrants last fiscal year.

Additional reporting by Kathianne Boniello, Janon Fisher, Liz Kelley, Melissa Klein and Brendan Scott

– nytimes


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  1. Chauffeur Car on Sun, 25th Oct 2009 10:00 pm 

    is this for real ? tell me did he get a chauffeur driver with that car? and is this man going to get away with this? well i think the government is going to hit harder now that they really need the money, not a good time for tax invaders. lol

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