Dizzee Rascal – Flex video ….Maths & English album

November 15, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Dizzee Rascal – Flex video from the Maths & English album …. so this is englands finest ….


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4 Comments on "Dizzee Rascal – Flex video ….Maths & English album"

  1. JMack on Thu, 15th Nov 2007 7:44 am 

    man i try to get down with this dude… but i just cant… its impossible.

    im feelin’ that dude Sway from teh U.K. though… Dizee… man thats a tough pill to swallow.

  2. Don Of Dons. on Thu, 15th Nov 2007 8:35 am 

    you aint lying …. imma check out sway , Klashnekof and plan b i heard their ill

  3. LonDON DON - P on Thu, 15th Nov 2007 10:11 am 

    i dont know where whoever run this site get their info from, but your lookin dumb out here whenever you talk about London or England…WTF, dizze england finest? there manz out here in fucking england who dont get diz..Don of Dons was nearer with Klashnekof…hes underground like most of the best mcs over here, if your looking 4 a mainstream mc look kano…and u think our ‘gangstas’ our lame? lol..we dont have gun shops over here b, but we do have kids gunz…

  4. beorscipe_nigga on Thu, 15th Nov 2007 3:44 pm 

    why all those grime niggas pronounce girls as “gulls”. fuckin a. and they say it so much. i wish they said bitch instead.

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