November 13, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Video of T.I addressing his fans while on house arrest


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3 Comments on "T.I ADRESSING HIS FANS"

  1. roshawn on Sat, 29th Mar 2008 1:52 am 

    My comment to this message is I know you better than that. Your career comes first. Since you speek on God and a Judge and by you being on streetcred the street can be a judgemental depending what you do. Hope you have a sence of humor what kind of home arrest are you on probation or female lockdown. Tiny is suppose to protect her man and her man is suppose to compromise so what ever the situation may be I know your innocent. I dont understand what streetcred meaning is,but I see someone getting judge as we speak. Them other girls are trash that emails you. Your best bet is to stay with Tiny and I know you speak in riddles. I always wonderd about you. And your real. Just make the right decisions. I know this was a long comment. Just a thought, dont never plead guilty if your innocent.

  2. danny on Mon, 31st Mar 2008 12:29 pm 

    hang in there TIP its gunna get better dog hopefully your sentence will be shortened. I would like to hear more from please email me when you have a chance.

  3. terell on Fri, 8th Aug 2008 11:38 am 

    your my biggest fan

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