Video the Indianapolis Colts caught cheating

November 5, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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colts caught red handed cheating
(see video inside)

short clip from yesterdays game betwen the New England patriots & the indy colts …. allegedly the colts are using fake “crowd” sound effects while the opposing team is running their plays ….. lol & they still lost

“Video grab of Indy fake noise CD skipping. Indy cheats by pumping up noise volume to make it more difficult for opposing QBs to call signals. Note as Randy Moss catches the ball and begins to run the “wawawawawawawa” sound of the fake noise CD skipping. Tony Dungy “Christian” at his finest….”


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4 Comments on "Video the Indianapolis Colts caught cheating"

  1. Ego101 on Mon, 5th Nov 2007 1:25 pm 

    I heard it but I’ll wait to see about it on ESPN or something. And I’m sure Dungy nor the Colts players have anything to do with controlling crowd noise.

  2. The HeiGhtZ on Mon, 5th Nov 2007 3:04 pm 

    me neither

  3. WTF on Mon, 5th Nov 2007 10:03 pm 

    Stupidest thing ever. How can they make the noise any louder than it already is with 10′s of thousands of people packed together in an arena? Obviously the microphone used by the network is to blame.

  4. Tim on Mon, 24th Dec 2007 5:23 pm 

    Notice how quite it really is after they stop the CD.

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