jay-z on mtv talking about nas album name

November 1, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see video inside)

jay-z on mtv talking about the name of nas new album the “NIGGER” …..


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4 Comments on "jay-z on mtv talking about nas album name"

  1. the one on Thu, 1st Nov 2007 5:53 pm 

    JayZ did not call the album name misguided you dumb ass. He meant the criticism is misguided.

  2. the one on Thu, 1st Nov 2007 6:05 pm 

    the dumbass is mtv not just to clarify

  3. Mr Mention on Thu, 1st Nov 2007 7:58 pm 

    its sad nas has to stoop to gimmicks to sell records

  4. Ego101 on Fri, 2nd Nov 2007 6:17 am 

    People need to get over the word. I’m not even looking at the marketing part which can possibly hurt his sells or do the opposite. Only time will tell that part. Like LL said “it’s according to who says it.” How it’s said is a difference maker too, just like any other word. If my main homie says “you a bitch” I’d laugh and probably call him something worst. If some random dude I don’t know says that, race aside, I’d react differently. I see it like this in a way. I’m ASSUMING whoever writes/prints the dictionary is non-black. It’s like they want to control what words mean by THEIR interpretations not by the actual people who use them. I see females who call each other bitches every day and they laugh about it. Would I know go up to them and say the shit? No. People give words power and in the end it’s just a word. For an adult you know the weight the word nigga or nigger carries. If you use it be aware of when, why, and what you are saying. If you don’t know what the word or ANY word means don’t use it. If you do it’s at your own risk. You need to be intelligent and have good judgment skills when you speak. I could have swore this was a FREE country too? The same country that makes movies about slavery, sex, drugs, murder, and gives you a visual and audio of the word being used. I guess since it’s a young black man who’s doing it now it’s kind of a problem, right? Instead of throwing a problem under the bed put it on the front lawn so the neighborhood can see it, discuss it, resolve it, understand it and move on. As long as Nas has a concept to the album around the word I could care less. If he titles it that and the album has no relevance to the words he’s ignorant. All in all I’m a Nas fan and I’m ready to hear the albums music, fuck the title.

    And this too.. If you are black and approve of Nas using the word don’t be mad when you ask a white kid what he’s listening too and he says Nigger. I personally can understand why you would get mad but the big picture is why you shouldn’t get mad. If you wanna fight somebody every time you hear it we’ll never progress. And to all the ladies and fellas, especially us 80′s babies, teach your kids right from wrong. That way when we’re 60 we won’t still be debating over words.

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