Pantech Duo C810

October 30, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Pantech Duo C810
(see more pictures inside)

AT&T’s new quad-band GSM the Pantech Duo C810 smartphone . specs :: Bluetooth 1.2 ,Slide-out QWERTY-type keyboard,Slide-out numeric phone keyboard , wi fi , microSD slot ,

Pantech Duo C810 3 Pantech Duo C810 2 Pantech Duo C810


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13 Comments on "Pantech Duo C810"

  1. Kerri Ferguson on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008 12:12 pm 

    i want this phone but i already have a plan so how much will this phone cost?

  2. britany on Mon, 14th Jan 2008 7:12 pm 

    i want this phone so much but i have a plan already but i get an upgrade in 6 month! to long but how much does this phone cost? its sick! i want it soo badly!

  3. Jordan on Sat, 19th Jan 2008 10:52 pm 

    Dude i want this phone sooooooooooo bad but i thnik its like 150$

  4. jennaly on Mon, 18th Feb 2008 7:43 pm 

    I already have a cingular plan and i want to get the pantech duo, with internet. How much will it cost?

  5. max on Thu, 6th Mar 2008 4:51 pm 

    it is going to be about 500$ without a contract renewal. you can try to have to company (att and pantech) aprove you to move your upgrade but if not (which will most likely be the case cause they dont pprove NOTHING) then it is 449. with the contract renewal, and a mail in rebate, and a instant discount, its still about 200 dollars. believe me i know. ive done PLENTY of researching. i want the phone more than anyone else, but i cant get an upgrade till about september 2008. if you have any further questions, AOL Instant Message me at “music4life1994″

  6. Chelsea on Mon, 17th Mar 2008 5:07 pm 

    ok no. this phone costs about 300 w/out a plan. I got mine for 50 with a new plan.

  7. Kacey on Mon, 26th May 2008 8:57 pm 

    How much is this phone?
    I want it so bad!!

  8. GANGSTER on Mon, 23rd Jun 2008 10:24 pm 

    i gots this phone….it ight i guess…no point n gettn it without internet tho 4 me internet cost 20$ a month it depends on yo plan ya digg

  9. salami on Sun, 7th Sep 2008 11:15 pm 

    can I get it without internet????

  10. jhon on Sun, 28th Sep 2008 12:55 pm 

    about 300$ or 200$ mail in rebait.

  11. Sarass on Tue, 14th Oct 2008 1:55 pm 

    is there a camera on this phone ?

  12. bwbwbwbwbw on Tue, 6th Jan 2009 10:54 pm 

    i want ittttt daddy get it for me……… ok thanks bye

  13. brittany on Tue, 7th Apr 2009 6:27 pm 

    omg! omg! i <3 the pantech its sooooooo amazeing i love it! love it! love it!its sooooooooo nice!!!

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