WU TANG exposed ? Y KIM speaks on wu tang calls their new album wack

October 24, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(listen inside)

Y-Kim The Illfigure speaks about the new Wu-Tang album, the Wu-Tang in general, Wu-Affiliates, past beefs and alot of interesting info you gotta hear. Even Nas! Very negative interview. ” …. dude made rza seem like hes foul as sh-t


salutes alex for sending it over


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9 Comments on "WU TANG exposed ? Y KIM speaks on wu tang calls their new album wack"

  1. Truth on Thu, 25th Oct 2007 8:47 am 

    Fuckin cry baby…get ur own shit hatin ass nigga! 40 mins. on the phone ventin ur frustrations like hoe..

  2. Milk on Thu, 25th Oct 2007 11:01 am 

    He seems like he was saying some real shit i fucks with the WU real heavy but i don’t think he was lying

  3. Yah-Tzelem on Thu, 25th Oct 2007 8:11 pm 

    Say what yall want to say, but Kim made some valid ass points!!!

    “I got the shit, I got the shit!!!”


  4. DSMOOTH on Fri, 26th Oct 2007 9:38 am 

    Damn…. He exposed cats. And he’s right about the single, that shit is wack!!!
    I love the WU, but he’s right again…it’s a new day; these kids out here today aren’t checking for the WU.
    They’re so caught up in the Southern Rap that this Real Hip Hop seems old or out of touch to them.
    Shit when WU first came out, alot of the kids today were just babies. I really hope this album is what he says it is,because I would be really disappointed. Especially after so many years have passed since their last release.

  5. GodBodyKilla on Sat, 27th Oct 2007 6:27 am 

    this nigga gay.

  6. Nas on Wed, 31st Oct 2007 3:45 pm 

    We are off to see The Rza the wonderful Rza of Oz (lol)

  7. alex on Wed, 16th Apr 2008 9:16 am 

    what a fuckin pekka, no one should try and listen to what this spek is sayin fuckin faggit

  8. trk on Tue, 29th Apr 2008 2:05 pm 

    all i know is he got hella beats and timbo will merk most mc.s

  9. Brooklyn Dats It on Thu, 8th Oct 2009 1:54 pm 

    Brooklyn Niggz Keep It 1000000 Shouts To Brownsville n The Last Beats Was sick

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