Khia on Str8 Krackk DVD Magazine dissing Lil Wayne , jackie o , ti , trina ,

October 22, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see vdeo inside)

video Khia on Str8 Krackk DVD Magazine dissing Lil Wayne , jackie o , ti , trina , remy ma


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10 Comments on "Khia on Str8 Krackk DVD Magazine dissing Lil Wayne , jackie o , ti , trina ,"

  1. raakin on Tue, 23rd Oct 2007 7:10 pm 

    dis bitch need to sit her one hit wonder ass down u will never sell another album in another city besides yo own if u sell one there. the only time nigga remember you is if the show come on “where dezze hos at now”…lol

  2. Fabe on Wed, 24th Oct 2007 1:12 pm 

    lol..raakin u i totally agree with u..her ugly ass..

  3. Riq on Tue, 20th Nov 2007 11:31 pm 

    the shit she said about weezy is true though…that is nigga TRIPPIN’…

  4. chris on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 12:13 pm 

    Khia, I love you always have.

  5. chris on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 2:56 pm 

    Khia, Yuo are one sexxy ass bitch. Fuck the haters

  6. GATO REMYS MAN on Thu, 7th Feb 2008 4:19 am 


  7. Delicate on Fri, 22nd Feb 2008 8:31 am 

    Khia I like yo songs girl and these people on here hatin they need to stop. But what eva you and trina got going on ol well thats ya’ll.But one thing I can say is she can’t talk about nobody cause she got AIDS ha ha ha.So she don’t need to be tryin to have no beef with nobody she need to worry about herself and get on her mothaf uckin shit forreal.

  8. jad on Sun, 13th Apr 2008 9:44 pm 

    bitch don’t nobody know u like that. u ain’t all that famous hoe.
    mane nigga fuck u! and thats real talk. u lil fuck nigga

  9. Saint Petes finest on Mon, 28th Apr 2008 5:46 pm 

    Khia Khia khia.. First of all how many kids do you have? You are always talking about other people get yourself together first? Find the baby daddy’s. You so worried about Miss Cherry and Tpain at least he has money. You did it for free. Now since you want to put people out there, remember back in the day when you used to hang out on 34th street. Better known as the little stank girl with the stank breath. Okay yea you rocked my neck, my back… but down south they said you stole that record from someone in Tampa.So, stop tripping about TI. Oh, I saw you on MTV Cribs.. hehehe that little house was hilarious. You should have been ashamed to even go on there with that house. And I heard you rented the house. And are you still driving that Lexus.. hehehe Gosh, I hope you didn’t spend the entire 20K on that… Get a Range Rover or something before you start tripping. Now, you are comparing yourself to Trina, Deelisshis, Nivea and others.. Do you even think they care about you. If Nivea had kids for child support, you should have followed her steps cause right about now you are looking stupid and broke.. Do you even realize that one day your kids will see your stupidity.Next time ask your kids how to spell RESPECT.You need intervention cause you have lost it. hey try Oprah she will help you she helps everyone. back in the day they said you were bisexual it seems to be true that is why you always tripping on females. Stop trying to get promotions and air time with negativity. If you want to be respect… Make a hit .. And last but not least, you have been riding Lil Waynes tip for years now and you have made it known. Don’t you think if he had any desire for you it would have happened by now.And as much as you talk he would have dropped something in your mouth by now..But he hasn’t cause he doesn’t care. But keep your head up. Maybe one late night after Wayne has had about 40 drinks he will call you over to peeeeeeeeeeeee on you… Seriously use your energy for more productive things.

  10. shaqwanna mccrimmon on Tue, 21st Oct 2008 2:13 pm 

    hi haters let me tell u something trina is tha baddest always have been always will be she alway gone be killing them hoes so kill ur self bitch.

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