video // bill cosby on the oprah show

October 18, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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bill cosby on the oprah show video


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4 Comments on "video // bill cosby on the oprah show"

  1. Cutta4eva on Thu, 18th Oct 2007 11:02 am 

    Bill Fly in those blue blockers. Know he can’t see shit!

  2. DezyDiablo on Thu, 18th Oct 2007 11:14 am 

    Cosby look like Young Jeezy’s pops

  3. Y. Said on Thu, 18th Oct 2007 1:10 pm 

    To the author of this page: Thank you for recording the entire segment. I wanted to while I was watching it as it aired, but I didn’t have enough time to.
    To the audience of this page: Since your responses date you within a young age group I want to tell you to PLEASE listen to what was said by the young brother and sister, and BELIEVE THEM because they are laying it down true. Also, PLEASE pass this on to your parents, teachers, elders in the church. The life you save might be yours, or your child’s, or your grandchild (to come someday). We have to start somewhere, and you’re as good as anybody else to be a starting point.

    P.S. I don’t know why Mr. Cosby’s eye was so red, but I hope it heals soon.

  4. Y. Said on Thu, 1st Nov 2007 8:48 am 

    What happened to the Bill Cosby video where he was on the Oprah Winfrey show? I sent this link to others who are just now getting the chance to view/listen to it, and they are telling me they can not open it. I tried it yesterday and today, and I am getting the nothing as well. Please help. Please restore the video/audio. Thanks.

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