Ja thinks 50 wishes he was him says … “i think really really he admires me”

October 15, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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ja rule
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Ja Rule thinks 50 cent wishes he was him … hmmm

“While it sounds like Rule is tapping into his more sensitive side, make no mistake about it, his words still pack plenty of punch. And definitely toward 50 Cent — even if he doesn’t address the G-Unit leader directly on any tracks.

Ja said he thinks Fif wanted to be him and that was the basis of the pair’s rift. But, according to Rule, 50 didn’t know how to carry out his plans correctly.

“I’m a very competitive person myself,” Ja explained. “When I was on the Hard Knock Life Tour, believe me, every night I wanted to take Jay-Z, DMX, Redman, Method Man, I wanted to take their heads off. Every night. I want to be where they at. Of course I do. I wanted their fanbase. I wanted that 30, 40,000 screaming my name! But at the same time, I still respected Jay and X and Meth and Red. Because as bad as I wanted to be in their position, it was just that, I wanted to be where they were at.

“[50] was no different,” he continued. “He wanted to be where I was at. He wanted to be me. He just didn’t know how to go about it. He didn’t know how to go about and say, ‘Yo, Ja, I want to do a record with you.’ So his thing to get in the game was to insult everyone in the business.

“I think he really, really admires me,” Ja added later. “He admires my work, he admires my music, my talent level. He admires all of that. But I don’t see him as a talent. Because for me he’s more of a spectacle. And that’s why he’s not meeting the bar [right now]. When you come in this business as a spectacle, you’re gonna have a short-lived career. Because now every time you drop, you have to meet that spectacle. People aren’t looking for the music anymore [from him]. It’s [a matter of,] can you match the intensity of the spectacle you created on your last project? His projects aren’t even about the music. Every record he puts out is about the other artist he’s [been] aligned with [to battle].”

quote & video from mtv


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4 Comments on "Ja thinks 50 wishes he was him says … “i think really really he admires me”"

  1. Belize on Mon, 15th Oct 2007 9:20 pm 

    I see his point…50 still ethered his career tho..but his time is done this year..lets see what Ja does (no Body vid)

  2. Roc Boy on Mon, 15th Oct 2007 10:36 pm 

    this nigga has officially lost his mind…..

  3. napps126 on Tue, 16th Oct 2007 5:45 am 

    I thought it would be the other way around….

  4. lunchbox on Tue, 16th Oct 2007 6:01 am 

    Ja just needs a new formula… 50 will just come right back for his head!!!!

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