Micheal Jackson might have Lupus

October 10, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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micheal jackson

according to fox news sources Micheal Jackson might have lupus :

“Michael Jackson’s living in limbo, so the stories start floating around.

Now comes one that his “nanny” or whoever she is, Grace Rwaramba, has lupus and is fighting it alone.

This is a weird twist on an old story, so let’s set it straight. It’s Jackson who suffers from lupus, sources close to the former pop star report. Rwaramba has other things, like avarice and visions of grandeur. They are separate ailments.

Rwaramba, for example, has the noble idea that she will somehow save her native country of Rwanda by bringing Jackson there to do charity work. Unfortunately, this is as likely as her marrying Jackson.

Jackson continues to live in the Washington, D.C., area with his three kids and Rwaramba, who also has a luxury condo — as this column reported earlier this year — in Las Vegas.

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At this point, though, one can only wonder what Jackson’s kids are being taught, since their home schooling has taken them off the grid of any normalcy whatsoever.

For example: Even though Tom Cruise’s kids are home schooled (in Scientology, etc,) we at least see them at soccer games.

Meanwhile, sources tell me that Jackson’s remaining team is busy trying to settle the remaining lawsuits pending against him.

The fear, they say, is that with little cash on hand, all the settlements could put the singer into a forced bankruptcy. But let’s not start that rumor.

My sources at Sony Music, which is part of Jackson’s financial house of cards, say they won’t let that happen. It’s too much bad press, and they don’t want the blame.”



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