LIGHT SKIN women get in for free ..

October 9, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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detroit on that ish

jmack your right …. i wonder what martin would say about this coonery


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5 Comments on "LIGHT SKIN women get in for free .."

  1. Ziploc Moe on Tue, 9th Oct 2007 10:13 pm 

    Imma Detroiter heart and soul and I gotta agree that this shit is kinda embarassing for the city. That nigga DJ Lish does know how to fill a venue. If you peep his myspace you will see alot of niggas flaunting their money for the cameras, scantily clad bad bitches, Cartier frames (customary for a Motown nigga), and b-list celebrity guests.

  2. THE-XFACTA on Wed, 10th Oct 2007 8:48 am 

    WTF is this??? We darkskinned people have been in style for a minute.. We won’t move quietly!

  3. Ziploc Moe on Wed, 10th Oct 2007 9:03 pm 

    Here is a photo gallery of DJ Lish’s last ghetto fabulous party

  4. Linda on Sat, 13th Oct 2007 12:54 pm 

    I think that this guy is completely ridiculous and ignorant. I think that ALL black people need to just come together and refuse to attend any event that he is doing, so that he will finally learn that this type of divisive and discriminatory marketing is intolerable.

    And for the record, I am a light-skinned woman, and I find it completely insulting and deplorable.

  5. Erin on Tue, 23rd Oct 2007 5:41 pm 

    Whoa. Now, I used to get angry as hell when people wanted to call me white and would try and tell me that because I was light skinned, I wasn’t black. Now I’m mad that they wanna treat black women differently because of the degree of darkness they’re sporting. Screw this racist nonsense, I don’t appreciate being separated from any of my sisters because I’m high yellow.

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