Danny Bonaduce throwing Jonny Fairplay

October 5, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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video of Danny Bonaduce thrrowing Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay … FOX Reality Really Awards ……


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5 Comments on "Danny Bonaduce throwing Jonny Fairplay"

  1. daruler on Fri, 5th Oct 2007 10:39 am 


  2. Belize on Sat, 6th Oct 2007 1:19 am 


  3. Cutta4eva on Sat, 6th Oct 2007 9:17 am 

    LMAO!! What make this shit so funny jonny didn’t know what was going on. He thought it was fun and games. “HELL NAW IT AIN’T” DAN SAY!!! LOL

  4. murder murk on Sun, 7th Oct 2007 8:56 am 

    damn, that was some wwf shit.

  5. Moe Greene on Sun, 7th Oct 2007 4:54 pm 

    That bitch Fairplay got owned. He tried to file some paperwork and press chages, but it got dismissed. He is not only is he a rat fink bitch, but on top of that he needs to get his dental game up.

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