Lamborghini Gallardo with a special paint job

October 2, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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lamborghini special paint3
(see more pictures inside)

Lamborghini Gallardo with a special paint job ….. this is what ppl do when they got too much money on their hands

lamborghini special paint4 lamborghini special paint2 lamborghini special paint


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14 Comments on "Lamborghini Gallardo with a special paint job"

  1. MaxPower on Tue, 2nd Oct 2007 8:27 am 

    that shit is wack…id rather fuck with the altima next 2 it!

  2. Cutta4eva on Tue, 2nd Oct 2007 9:50 am 

    That seem like a travis barker type whip or sumchin. Pass me the Garllardo with a 4 cylinder I’ll be good.

  3. SeF on Tue, 2nd Oct 2007 10:22 am 

    Looks sick to me…

  4. sweet james on Tue, 2nd Oct 2007 6:09 pm 

    looks shitty, who said dis nigga got style?

  5. james johnson on Wed, 3rd Oct 2007 10:10 am 

    that shit is all right

  6. daruler on Wed, 3rd Oct 2007 10:20 am 

    who car is this?

  7. srb XOXO girl on Sun, 2nd Mar 2008 9:53 am 

    that shit looks like a gypsi with too much money..xD..itäs reallz too much..makes it look crapy..

  8. XEXE on Thu, 22nd May 2008 2:58 pm 

    looks like tattoo,on gypsi ass…lol shit

  9. myohc on Mon, 9th Jun 2008 6:05 pm 

    nigga is u stupid, wat kinda whip is u drivin….shit tht lambo is sexual, nd u a fool for thinkin otherwise

  10. timmilous on Fri, 11th Jul 2008 12:34 pm 

    yow that ride is sicked out who eva said its shit they deffinitely got to be dum,stuck up and stupid.
    oh and dont know style.

  11. Silje on Wed, 18th Feb 2009 2:01 pm 

    Timbaland son have a car like this, he got it on his sweet 16! :-)

  12. Extreme Lambo on Thu, 5th Mar 2009 9:50 am 

    yo dat whip is fly, yagetme

  13. Camari on Fri, 8th May 2009 8:22 pm 

    That shut is Waco looks like my grandmas car

  14. deanna on Thu, 22nd Dec 2011 10:43 pm 

    this car is the most sexest car who ever painted this was beast this junk is fye AF

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