Kanye West leaving wendy williams show

September 25, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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kanye west wendy williams
(see video inside)

Kanye west feeling himself as usual ….

salutes thathustle for the video


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4 Comments on "Kanye West leaving wendy williams show"

  1. J-ROC on Tue, 25th Sep 2007 2:24 pm 

    this just prove my point dat gay ye is a straight ass wipe. Dogg he didn’t even drink dat much n he’s talking shit with his words all tangling n shit. Dude dont even no how 2 leave da building. Wat good is 8 wen u’re the no.1 artist in America but in total sales around da world some1 else is killing u.

  2. Ego101 on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 5:38 am 

    I love when this nigga spaz out lol. I don’t see why people be trippin cause HE trippin.. let that nigga vent. It’s obvious he’s havin fun.. I don’t even think Kanye takes himself serious.. Dude just did big numbers.. out sold 50.. and it was GOOD album. How many people have told me.. “yo, that 50 album is nice” ?? 0.

  3. buzy on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 9:25 am 

    Every pen or pin has a point right. Why is it that everytime kanye voices his opinion about something or someone some asshole says here he goes again feeling himself. What man do you know actually takes time out to analyze his mistake so that if ever anthing in that nature accured again he would know how to handle that situation less than half. That why whenever he goes off it’s not for attention all eyes were already on him he’s just using his pen.

  4. RENEGRO on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 10:00 am 

    if i was a baller and thought about throwing a party. i would hire ye to come and throw a tantrum there, and be the envy of all my friends

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