YUNG JOC got strongarmed for his “H” chain in london?

September 24, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Yung Joc robbed ?

Word has it YUNG JOC was robbed in england for his “H” Chain …… i wouldve smacked the tea and crumpets outta a london bridge thug if he tried to robb me


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28 Comments on "YUNG JOC got strongarmed for his “H” chain in london?"

  1. SeF on Mon, 24th Sep 2007 11:21 am 

    50 said it was fake anyway…

  2. London Bridge on Mon, 24th Sep 2007 2:42 pm 

    You wouldnt smack the “tea and crumpets” out of anyone you stupid prick, what coz peeps are from london you think they cant fight? Why dont you come to England and see for yourself? Stroll around East london or Bricky and say “Id smack the shit out of any of you english motherfuckers”, we’ll see how long you’d last.

    Lol at the game getting punched up by a 15 year old english BOY.

    The tea thing is so tired now, its not the 1940′s anymore.

    Stupidest shit ive ever read

  3. shenz on Mon, 24th Sep 2007 2:48 pm 

    You dumb fuck, statistically London has more crime then most parts of america. You make London out to be some pussy ass area. People would fuckk you up if you try talk this over here. Homo

  4. england caught feelings on Tue, 25th Sep 2007 11:28 am 

    this english kids are MAD! i can hear the frustration coming out their fucced up teeth and through the monitor

  5. BRicky on Tue, 25th Sep 2007 1:26 pm 

    Typical american BS…they obviously dunno bout the ends…

  6. YE YE on Tue, 25th Sep 2007 1:33 pm 


  7. TONEY BLAIR on Tue, 25th Sep 2007 3:37 pm 

    you English muffins wont due shit lmao

    don’t you guys have queen or some shit over there that you have

    to bow down to every time she walks by LMAO

  8. Mario on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 5:07 am 

    Yo wus good wit who eva is postin da captions for deez shits?I seen a “Since when did L.I get tough” and “i wouldve smacked the tea and crumpets outta a london bridge thug if he tried to robb me” Duke you’re an online G.You wouldn’t talk big in either place in real life.You couldn’t go to Hempstead Freeport Roosevelt on Long Island sayin dat and not get stole on or go to London and say that and not be fucked up.Dont ova rep your hood cuz no matta the reputation of wea eva u come from you dont be puttin in real work to carry dat rep,and nobody from wea u from will come thru and help you.

  9. sleep on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 6:32 am 

    You all speak English. Nuff said. Plus you actually voted for George Bush? are you kidding me? the man has an i.q lower than the count of Black members of Parliment (note for uneducated Americans: parliment = England’s House of Reps & Congress) ((Note for the more educated Americans: House of Reps & Congress are an integral part of your Government. Apparently.

    Anyway this is not even news, Guns are not legal in England and you cant buy bullets at Macdonalds like in the states. So when an artist comes over here, you get to see how real he really is. Ask Game, 50, Elephant Man, Joc, De la soul, D’angelo….they all haven jacked at afterparty’s whilst their entourage of 7’9 security guards stood there gawping.

    Remember if an English kid pulls a gun on you. He really does want your sh!t, and dont give a damn about your hood or your momma.

    More importantly all them rappers, and respective robbers need to pawn their jewellery and give the blood diamond money back to where it came from. Right. Now check my myspace and holla at me for them beats.

  10. Clutch on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 9:19 am 

    Fuk Joc , if i seen that slow ass ni gga , i would have done the same thing……..

  11. DG on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 6:45 pm 

    If you punks were really hood you wouldn’t be arguing on line with ignorant ass people that you will never meet. An who really cares that much about any of this shit. There are better things to worry about.

  12. Kizzy on Thu, 27th Sep 2007 4:33 am 

    It was the chick on this page:


  13. Tone on Thu, 27th Sep 2007 11:29 am 

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH Come to London and check out our what??? dumbfuc ks
    “You wouldnt smack the “tea and crumpets” out of anyone you stupid prick, what coz peeps are from london you think they cant fight? Why dont you come to England and see for yourself? Stroll around East london or Bricky and say “Id smack the shit out of any of you english motherfuckers”, we’ll see how long you’d last. ”

    which ghetto is harder? yours or mine? niggaz i live in da hood everyday, ive seen you guys on the internet. STOP TRYING TO BE GANGSTAS!!!!…wack as s wannabe niggaz!! get your as s shot in my hood fo real. Fuc da fist fighting, we shoot. Come to bricky? hahaha niggaz come to crenshaw nigga south L.A. bitc hes

  14. Brixton SW9 Gang on Fri, 12th Oct 2007 1:00 am 

    I’m a londoner and trust me you don’t want to fuk wit us, yeah we drink tea and dat but if we decide to rob you we will rob you. Crips and bloods means absolutely fuk all to us there all the same in our eyes we don’t fukin respect them pussies anyway. It aint even about US Vs Uk its about hustlers vs squares.

    Yo Slick Rick is from London thats why he is the only nigga we would let wear that gold rope without jacking it. We run Ja Rule off stage when he started singin most New York Niggas is pussy thats why the rap game is almost over for them.

  15. Young-Killa from DA BOTTOM on Tue, 30th Oct 2007 3:00 pm 

    That shit ain’t happen in london it happened in CLEVELAND

  16. Agrow on Wed, 7th Nov 2007 4:47 am 


  17. LONDON on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 8:25 am 

    all the americans r pussyhole going around wid ur bodyguard n shit, uk runtingz we got more crime rate den the usa now, all u yankees lick bush’s ass n wen u cum round ere chating shit u will get fucked up n crips and bloodz aint nothin to us n no1 is katin the americans we got our own style i rep london n if any of the celebrity walk pass our roads with diamond chain you’ll definetly get robbed live you there in your underpants n we all don’t give a fuck about the queen finale ting i still luv my tea like all u americans like ur dounut

  18. DSGB on Fri, 30th Nov 2007 1:50 am 

    Fuck Joc that nigga got no love in Atlanta come to Bowen Homes he has no respect and he makin our city look bad stop talkin shit he dont do be forreal I never heard this nigga name in the streets ever so stick to ya day job and sell cars you not a trappa definetly if you can’t hold your own for yo chain shit if you a hood nigga you’ll die for yours fuck that dont come to the westside without a vest nigga zone3
    all day

  19. krs on Sun, 20th Jan 2008 7:34 pm 


  20. kurt on Mon, 2nd Jun 2008 11:10 am 

    you’re ALL cunts.

  21. LDN on Tue, 1st Jul 2008 6:04 pm 

    FACT: You are twice as likely to be robbed in London than in New York City.
    No doubt America has some bad areas and gangs, but in London its not about gangs, anyone can get jacked, whatever age, colour, gender it don’t matter. You guys come out with all this same old cliche sht about bad teeth and muffins, but you dont know the half of it. Come to the East-End and watch your chains get snached and your bodies shanked punks.

  22. Makaveli on Thu, 21st Aug 2008 3:04 am 

    Haha London worse dan NYC? LMAO…. Ppl half of yo wudnt survive even 1 day in US. Woz 2pac killed in london? Woz Notorius B.I.G killed in london? Woz Yaki Kadafi killed in London? Main difference btween London nd States is dat in states they wont beat yo up. Des niggas gunna kill yo widout anytin… I mean look kids hwz lyf in US goin.. U can get tha gun everywere so u can get drugs or wateva u want…. Wat bout London? City for rich pricks…. Nd tea with milk is shit it aint drink…..

  23. kevin jones on Tue, 2nd Sep 2008 10:44 pm 

    Yo….I just came back from London last month. I was rollin’ thru Stonebridge, Brixton, Hackney, Harlseden, Peckham, Thornton Heath, Deptford, Lewisham, Wood Green etc….I had on ALL of my jewels yo….I even had to teach my London bredrens about rockin’ colors in their diamonds coz niggas over there were rockin cubics in their ears yo…dudes were rockin’ 9 karat yellow gold with the square links like EPMD used to wear in 1989…and they were thinking that they were cool…..anyway, niggas did NOTHIN’ when I was rollin’ through them hoods yo….all they did was stare and screw face! London has one of the strongest currencies in the world but them niggas ain’t even eatin like that….then they say that NY’s safer than London etc…it’s cos crime in NY is down….NY doesn’t have the murder rate etc. like back in the 80′s/90′s….that’s why London statistics can compare….but how about cities like Philly, B’more, Detroit etc?….London can’t come around dem cities bredren..real talk…and I have nuff London bredrens….trust me rudeboy..most of y’all gun crime is done with imitation fire-arms….y’all niggas are corny for real….go make a video about me on Channel U or sumthin…..and before you get a chance to respond by callin’ me any type of name….lemme say firstly, go suck yuh mudda!!!

  24. SubHerbz on Sun, 9th Nov 2008 9:55 pm 

    U internet g’s gimme 2 much jokes ya no, bare funny. LDN 4 life! 4 real

  25. dave on Wed, 15th Jul 2009 7:22 am 

    your pretty cool

  26. Oh Dear on Mon, 12th Apr 2010 4:12 am 

    Most of you are just fucking THICK AS SHIT. Unbelievable.

    Thanks for the laugh anyway – But seriously, the majority of you lot need exterminating. The world would be a better place without you f***ing uneducated parasites.

    Go read a fucking book yeah? Maybe that will teach you something worthwhile in life instead of boasting about your country having the higher crime rate. YOU BUNCH OF STINKING DUMB FUCKS.

  27. nwkilla on Mon, 23rd May 2011 9:32 am 

    shut da fuck up u damp nigga u never been to any of dem places, if u had ur corny lil jewells wud have got ripped da fuck of your neck. if u wer drawin that much attention to urself u wudv been lucky to get out alive for real. you fuckin yanks fink ur so bad like u da dons of da whole world wen we all know ders places that make uk an us look soft as fuck but yh anyway its real out ere an guns aint even legal ere like in ur stupid cunt ry. all u man can suck ur muddas if u think londons pussy. get sucked in an instant if any1 heard ur accent

  28. youngshotta on Wed, 15th Jun 2011 4:42 am 

    jamiaca is badda dan di uk and america. Yardman kill fi bloodclart fun. move oonu bloodclart. we nuh buisness wid nobody and would spray your family tree!

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