Saigon and MobbDeep beef video

September 20, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see the videos inside)

Saigon almost gets Jumped at a Havoc (Mobb Deep) show @ sob. …… for all that sh-t mobb deep fans want to pop about saigon … just remember this your boy prodigy got stole on 2wice and clothslined lol ..and saigon didnt get touched ….

*second video from eskay *


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8 Comments on "Saigon and MobbDeep beef video"

  1. Matt on Thu, 20th Sep 2007 7:57 am

    Saigon’s blog on the whole deal.

  2. Don Of Dons. on Thu, 20th Sep 2007 8:03 am 

    good looks playboy

  3. MaxPower on Thu, 20th Sep 2007 9:29 am 

    umm saigon snuffed prodigy…then saigons boy snuffed prodigy again….and saigon didnt get hit!!! umm prodigy should go back on that balarina shit

  4. Napps126 on Thu, 20th Sep 2007 10:30 am 

    The camera man must be a advocate of Mobb Deep…(although i’m a queens bridge advocate) wasn’t the mobb niggas scared of a so called Tru Life????? Lol….Bandana P is always getting sonned!!!!

  5. Brooklynite on Thu, 20th Sep 2007 1:17 pm 

    Damn P did get duffed out though….sheeet it happens Lol I dont think son even see it it coming. Saigon did what he had to do. If niggaz would throw dem hands deez and stop being bitches shooting stabbing and jumping niggaz, Im sure Sai would of squared up with whoeva. But whateva Im still buying both a of dey music it just get real like dat sometimes.
    What can I say. “Do or Die”

  6. Rob on Fri, 21st Sep 2007 8:04 am 

    hahahahaha the best part was when he got clothslined jake the snake style, the 2nd best part was when hot rod was talking to the camera and dude on the right goes “PUT THAT ON YOUR FUCKING BLOG”

  7. sleep on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 7:07 am 

    How come, if everybody so Gangster and whatever? Why aint no one strapped? Not that I’m advocating that type of thing? but Mobb should never eva eva eva let someone get the better of them in their own yard. And Saigon could have come back in the whip on some drive-by GTA sh1T.

  8. JJ on Sat, 20th Oct 2007 9:52 am 

    Clicked on Saigons blog to see the TRUE STORY… Hope peace overcomes both parties, let the music live !
    “We are where the celebrities shop!”

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