COLLEGE KID TASERED at a Jhon Kerry speach

September 17, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Lmao Dude gets tasered for running his trap



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2 Comments on "COLLEGE KID TASERED at a Jhon Kerry speach"

  1. Stephen Lynn on Tue, 18th Sep 2007 8:07 am 

    Note to editor: This is not funny..and it’s kinda sick that you would put it up with the “LMAO” caption..especially when some of his comments were focused on the concerns of blacks voting…If Kerry was a real man he would have diffused the situation by ansewring the questions…or leaving the stage to help the kid…He could have stopped what was going on

  2. c on Tue, 18th Sep 2007 2:35 pm 

    This is all but funny…seriously..a man gets arrested for asking questions…this man was “running his trap” not at all…he was asking serious questions! I’ve lost all intrest in this site after this blog…

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