De- Haven f-ck jay-z prt 3

September 14, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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dehaven exposing jigga

video of Dehaven getting loose on Jay-z yet again …. dehaven doesnt really say anything worth wild in this one …other than the normal hes a snake ra ra hes been spitting in the last 2 dvds ….. come on dehaven your 3 videos deep and you really aint say nothing … give us some stories of jay getting robbed by a feind , or getting hemmed up for running his lipps

big up my bredrin jah for the pic

(shout out to chris …)


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3 Comments on "De- Haven f-ck jay-z prt 3"

  1. Ron on Fri, 14th Sep 2007 9:28 pm 

    I haven’t heard this mothafucka say one thing that exposes Jay yet. WHat the fuck, he supposed to just hand out millions to every one he was close to? Did Dehaven write any platinum hits that we don’t know about? If not then Jay don’t owe that nigga shit. I got family member that gross over a million a year. I get paid less than 60k a year. My family member don’t owe me shit cuz he got mills. Get a job Dehaven. A real man takes care of himself, not rely off his boy’s talent. Matter of fact ask Jay to be his security and earn a real check mufucka.

  2. cameall on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007 11:08 am 

    this nigga need to get a life, like jay said ” fuck de-haven for cavin, thats why we dont speak, made men aint supposed to make statements. That niggas a snitch.

  3. Stand Up on Mon, 16th Feb 2009 7:12 pm 

    You all know that he is not a snitch , cause if he was that would of been put out( Jay would of paid to have his paperwork out there) He is a real person with real issues like all of us, Now has he did some foul stuff in his life , of course who hasn’t , Yet if he were to tell everything he knows without making a dollar then yeah he would be not only a snitch but a dummy as well, Everyone dont sit dont and pee, and believe Jay Z is the Rappers , Rapper and the Trappers Trapper, Yet He is not the Gangsters Gangster, That Title Belongs to none other that FRANK”PEE WEE” MATTHEWS every gangster that came across his path always speak highly of him! You all never heard not one Gangster speak anything about Jay Z ,Point Blank , Not From Marcy to Hollywood

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