Ato Matsumoto Cow Hide Boot – the sneakers kanye was rocking in the stronger video

September 14, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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ato 4
(see more pictures inside)

these are the sneakers Kanye west was wearing in the Stronger video

there called the Ato Matsumoto Cow Hide Boot
ato3 ato 5 ato 6 ato ato2
oki ni oki ni kanye sneakers oki white 1 oki white


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33 Comments on "Ato Matsumoto Cow Hide Boot – the sneakers kanye was rocking in the stronger video"

  1. djmatso on Thu, 13th Sep 2007 1:20 pm 

    Trying to copy the Marty Mcfly kicks from Back to the Future 2. Bobos to me.

  2. J Hinton on Sat, 15th Sep 2007 10:56 am 

    where can i get a pair of deez sneaks

  3. Frosty on Mon, 24th Sep 2007 2:20 pm 

    i can’t see SHIT

  4. Scooby on Fri, 28th Sep 2007 10:09 am 

    These shoes are sooo tight. I was wonderin what kind of shoes Kanye had on. I want to get me some, but i can’t find them nowhere. Hit me up on my E-mail and tell me.

  5. Keith on Mon, 8th Oct 2007 5:35 am 

    Where can I get some of these?

  6. james on Fri, 26th Oct 2007 8:11 am 

    on ebay here:
    Found white one on ebay ..check it out…

  7. Coxn on Sun, 23rd Mar 2008 10:46 pm

    they got a pair im about to cop

  8. Cathy on Sat, 21st Jun 2008 11:23 pm 

    if you want these shoe email me

  9. KOFDirect on Sun, 22nd Jun 2008 6:55 pm has them for $170. I just bought me a pair today.

  10. CP3 on Tue, 24th Jun 2008 9:56 pm 

    Hey i checked out the site. Do you know if everything they sell is authentic? I don’t wanna pay 170 for some fake shoes.

  11. doc on Wed, 25th Jun 2008 2:46 pm 

    We got ‘em! We have a limited supply and YES, they are AUTHENTIC.

  12. CP3 on Wed, 25th Jun 2008 9:44 pm 

    Where do u have them? Do you have a black pair in 11′s? How much they running for?

  13. doc on Wed, 25th Jun 2008 10:38 pm 

    We have them in stock….HURRY!

  14. callmenice on Thu, 26th Jun 2008 9:36 am 

    check out they got them for 120.00

  15. coxn on Thu, 26th Jun 2008 10:54 pm 

    if they less than 300 then they fake!

  16. CP3 on Sat, 28th Jun 2008 10:50 am 

    The ones at hypesneakers are definitely fake. I read the disclaimer and it said they are similar to the shoes.

  17. P Hernandez on Sun, 29th Jun 2008 12:27 am 

    kanye doesn’t wer these he wears custom shoes that he designed from nike his are called nike air yeezys, but he did get the idea from these though

  18. P Hernandez on Sun, 29th Jun 2008 12:30 am 

    i got mine at an they are fresh

  19. jay on Sat, 12th Jul 2008 4:35 am 

    yo give me ur site I wana cop a pair

  20. Doc on Sat, 12th Jul 2008 2:41 pm

  21. j boogz on Mon, 21st Jul 2008 3:02 pm 

    um yes kanye does rock these in his video and hes rocked them in complex mag. he helped nike design the air yeezys which were inspired by him rocking these ats sneakers. get you shit str8 dummy!

  22. shawn on Sun, 10th Aug 2008 9:44 pm 


  23. marcangelo on Wed, 10th Sep 2008 11:17 am 

    mannnnn..if u see any sites online that have ato’s they r most likely fake..ato’s dont evn come in half sizes and definitely dont run from 100 to 200 those shyts go for 300 to 400

  24. Joey Manisy on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 10:23 pm 

    Yo get at me on this site im selling all ato’s for 120 free shipping.

  25. D. WILL on Fri, 23rd Jan 2009 12:27 pm 

    I order mine from japan and I ant pay 300 HHA!

  26. kennedy on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 4:13 pm 

    where can i get these in america

  27. kanye West on Thu, 5th Feb 2009 8:40 pm 

    Them shoes are sooooo tight

  28. sam on Sun, 8th Feb 2009 2:09 pm 

    i think i like dis piece of sh**t

  29. Roll 'G' on Sun, 8th Feb 2009 2:12 pm 

    I think I like dis piece of kick & all dat sh**t

  30. Doc on Tue, 17th Mar 2009 10:49 pm 

    Man hold up! Come and get yours now…

  31. in4 on Sun, 25th Apr 2010 10:24 pm 

    he wore the ato matsumoto’s r u retarded

  32. Scottyblaze on Sat, 12th Oct 2013 6:38 am 

    Where can I buy these shoes

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