Pictures from HURRICANE CHRIS new video THE HAND CLAP

September 10, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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hurricane chris hand clap
(see another picture inside and listen to the song)

Pictures from HURRICANE CHRIS new single and video HAND CLAP ….. he says lil mamma several times i wonder if hes dissing ole girl ….

hurricane chris 2



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8 Comments on "Pictures from HURRICANE CHRIS new video THE HAND CLAP"

  1. jesulande. on Mon, 22nd Oct 2007 12:29 pm 

    hey I think you are the finest alive and you are so sexy and i
    love a bay bay and hand clap please write back to me

  2. lil lys on Mon, 12th Nov 2007 3:38 pm 

    what up homes !!! a bay bay and hand clap i don’t like it i love them!!!! write me back too at

  3. K on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007 10:33 pm 

    sup peps? both songs r off th hook.

  4. sexy girl on Mon, 14th Jan 2008 11:38 pm 

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmnn!!!! he is fine

  5. Shay on Fri, 25th Apr 2008 11:24 am 

    All yall hoes mad cuz Hurricane Chris is my man and he wants 2 fuck me!!!

  6. colton on Sun, 4th May 2008 7:41 am 

    all songs on 51/50 ratchet cd are the best

  7. Bitch Pl3aze on Mon, 5th May 2008 3:41 pm 

    Hurricane, if I don’t lyke da way dem bitches ackin, den imma tell them byeeee!! This is how me n Hurricane Rideeeeeeeeeee!! I done recognized game cuz me n Hurricane been runnin it alot, neva get caught up in my lie cross my heart and hope 2 die lyke me and him ride. This iz how me and Hurricane ride!!

    Ahhhhhhh to all yall hoes cuz he belongz 2 me!!

  8. SEXY REDBONE on Tue, 23rd Dec 2008 12:26 am 

    Hurricane Chris is da best n every song he do is fuckn rite to da fullest! hell, he rite to da fullest! dis a sexy ass nigga rite here! i go crazy ova a chocolate nigga! he is so rite omg! dis my husband 4 da record ladies so back yalls asses up! but Handclap and A Bay Bay r still club bangers n i still listen to 51/50 Ratchet cd cuz da whole cd rite as helL! im ready 4 Hurricane 2 clap back wit sum mo n i kno wen he do it, he gon go evn harder den b4! lub u Chris!

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