HUSTLENOMICS 3RD EDITION covergirl ANGEL LOLA LUV – sexy beast of the week

September 6, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see more pictures inside)

The new HUSTLENOMICS issue featuring a 20 page spread of that big batty Video model ANGEL LOLA luv, has hit the streets ….trust me you better cop that …..

luv5 luv2 luv4 luv3

You got to Pick up HUSTLENOMICS magazine to see the rest of ANGEL Luvs pics.. as well as features on :

    kanye west

    young buck

    dj drama

    and that other big batty gyal ELKE THE STALLION

    and shoutout to the hustlenomicsceo


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16 Comments on "HUSTLENOMICS 3RD EDITION covergirl ANGEL LOLA LUV – sexy beast of the week"

  1. JMack on Thu, 6th Sep 2007 12:05 pm 

    damn i always wondered who this chick from the twista video was….

    god bless you my friend.

  2. Don Of Dons. on Thu, 6th Sep 2007 12:22 pm 

    yeah thats lola aka angel luv her ass to waist ratio is bannanas

    …. btw congrats on yer award

  3. Belize on Fri, 7th Sep 2007 5:48 pm 


  4. FlipStar on Mon, 10th Sep 2007 7:02 am 

    ole girl made me skeet skeet in 1.2 seconds. world record.

  5. kajones83 on Sun, 16th Sep 2007 7:47 pm 

    She is mad bute with a phatty esther could retire now

  6. CLAK69 on Tue, 25th Sep 2007 7:30 pm 

    OOOF!! give it to dem!! (dem=me)

  7. tonytony on Mon, 1st Oct 2007 12:21 pm 

    i been watching this gurl for a min now got like 75 hi res pictures of her.
    she got an african background tho she aint american born tho and she was rollin with 50 cent for a min…she was in his “i get money” vid…dis a gal ya a real goodas african empress no doubt

  8. marlon23 on Thu, 11th Oct 2007 11:29 pm 

    god damn she fine as hell

  9. Pro_Status on Wed, 31st Oct 2007 5:41 am 

    Are You Fuckin Serious! Angel need to take a bow and win an award for that body!

  10. ThugishStone on Fri, 2nd Nov 2007 12:35 am 

    Lola is true eye candy… The eye candy one would constaintly be trying to fit in one’s mouth. She has a new look, a new pretty, and a body off the hook. Word is she is out of Africa but raised in the USA. She don’t have to have the ass and breast, but if I can find a women that goodlooking in Africa —-> IT IS OVER!!! …seeyah!

  11. westendboyy on Sun, 4th Nov 2007 8:38 am 

    sweetest ass i ever seen

  12. westendboyy on Sun, 4th Nov 2007 8:41 am 

    sweetest ass i ever seen face is sweet too she will make a man cry for mercy and cum all over his self

  13. konjo on Sun, 4th Nov 2007 11:52 pm 

    get it right, “Angel” is am I-represent-!!!

  14. Akilles12 on Sun, 11th Nov 2007 9:51 pm 

    Jesus must be comin because an Angel is on earth.
    10 and Above Club

  15. DaveDog on Fri, 16th Nov 2007 7:01 pm 

    damn, damn; DAMMMMMMN!!! where the whip cream at?

  16. Pretty But Fakeeeeeeeeee on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 1:50 pm 

    Beautiful face but the ass and breast are FAKE. She’s half Ethiopian and half trinny.

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