plies “100 years” video

September 5, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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megan good
(see the video inside)

allot of muh f–kers are going to be real mad after they hear plies new street anthem “100 years” …. this song will be on bill o’reilly in the near future.. the social commentry reminds me of a young ice cube

video: onsmash


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45 Comments on "plies “100 years” video"

  1. JCITY24 on Thu, 6th Sep 2007 11:13 am 

    ! ! ! ! R E T A R D ! ! ! !

  2. chargersforsuperbowl on Thu, 6th Sep 2007 1:51 pm 

    plies should stick to mixtapes and adding his whack verses to an already hot song

    but im sure this song will push him past 180k albums sold! no wait it won’t

  3. mango on Sat, 8th Sep 2007 10:51 am 

    nigga says cracker or nigga or both every line


  4. murk on Sat, 15th Sep 2007 10:12 am 

    plies shit is bangin, hes the truth right kno
    so stop hatin

  5. Banga on Fri, 21st Sep 2007 7:22 am 

    Fuck What yall talkin bout my dawg plies ridin.

  6. KING JAMES on Fri, 21st Sep 2007 9:00 am 

    errbody das hatin on dis song most likely is uh CRAKA!!…..stop hatin u CRAKAS yall know wat he sayin is TRUE!!

  7. chatt on Sun, 23rd Sep 2007 12:08 pm 

    yaw funni my goon stuntn on ya silly rabbitz daz y ya hatn

  8. Daniel on Tue, 25th Sep 2007 1:40 am 

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article video, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  9. Amber on Wed, 26th Sep 2007 7:06 am 

    Believe it or not, the stuff he’s saying is true in these times. You think he’s just trying to make money he’s not, he got famous cause the people like what he raps about. HE IS A PRODUCT OF HIS SURROUNDINGS. so all of the people saying he’s this or that. Dont understand.

  10. jordon on Tue, 9th Oct 2007 9:41 am 

    this is hot and plus i love me some plies dang he sexy dont hate on the man cause he making the you want

  11. marquis blakk on Fri, 12th Oct 2007 3:32 pm 

    yall sum haten ass CRACKAZ!!!!!!

  12. lil west on Wed, 24th Oct 2007 8:13 am 


  13. kaneisha on Tue, 30th Oct 2007 12:07 pm 

    i like this song

  14. Kenyell Jordan on Wed, 31st Oct 2007 6:46 am 

    Look I feel like mutherfuckers plies because they can’t relate to the shit he talking bout. So Plies do ya thang cause the word is getting to all the real niggas out there. I know that all I here in my trap.

  15. Kenyell Jordan on Wed, 31st Oct 2007 6:48 am 

    Look I feel like mutherfuckers hating on plies because they can’t relate to the shit he talking bout. So Plies do ya thang cause the word is getting to all the real niggas out there. I know that all I here in my trap.

  16. Kenyell Jordan on Wed, 31st Oct 2007 6:50 am 

    Look I feel like mutherfuckers hating on plies because they can’t relate to the shit he talking bout. So Plies do ya thang cause the word is getting to all the real niggas out there. I know that all I here in my trap. And I hope you go platinum dawg

  17. keke on Wed, 31st Oct 2007 8:50 am 

    plies is mi boo he iz fine az hell!!!

  18. Prince on Wed, 7th Nov 2007 1:23 pm 

    Plies madd props doing it big for da 07′ representing Florida your self, Pakistan (Ft.Myers) and tellin it like it is many don’t know what it’s like here in Florida Palm Beach STAND UP 561 ACE lurking SEASON ALL YEAR LONG

  19. Shonnyboo on Wed, 7th Nov 2007 5:21 pm 

    Yall puzzy azz crakaz juss hatin on a ni99a cus he makin mo chedda than yall gettn bread for sum shit dat ain political…. fuck azz crabz

    Hataz keep hatin u makin him proud

    Ma dawg doin his thang n gone keep doin it, y ya gettin wat he got

  20. cranisha on Thu, 8th Nov 2007 9:01 am 

    dat song is da truth and …my nigga plies iz 2 hot for yall hataz…soooooooooooo hataz keep hatin cuz i know he luvin it

  21. meka on Fri, 9th Nov 2007 7:50 am 

    this song the truth

  22. run up get done up on Fri, 9th Nov 2007 4:17 pm 

    dis song is da shit so all yall bitch ass crackers can stop hatin on my nigga cause he doin betta than yall and 2 all ll bitch ass hoes(leave plies alone he got paper 2 make u hatin ass hoes

  23. Braylon on Sun, 11th Nov 2007 4:34 pm 

    Ur 2 hot 4 t.v!!! Love u and ya songs,keep em comin!!!

  24. Kim on Sun, 11th Nov 2007 5:29 pm 

    u can tell hes gettin emotional about this tune boi, and what hes sayin is true, even tho i havent bn through it… i kno alot of ppl that have and still are… everythin hes sayin is deeeeffffinately true

  25. Shauntel on Mon, 12th Nov 2007 4:42 pm 

    I think anything Plies is in is off tha chain period!!!

  26. MeatBall on Tue, 13th Nov 2007 12:05 am 

    My nigga plies doin his shit so “Fuck yall Haters”

  27. Defsounds on Wed, 14th Nov 2007 3:57 pm 

    Nice shit

  28. cmon on Sat, 17th Nov 2007 7:04 pm 

    what would all the people that are leaving these comments say if someone like eminem (who is 100 times better than plies will every be and is harder than some little week ass that talks alot, but like most people that talk alot he is probably a big pussy) said the word nigger in every line of a song? I’m sure your comments would be different. This is the problem with racism in our society. Un-educated people rapping and having other un-educated people look up to them. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. If you were not putting yourselves in stupid positions, you wouldn’t end up in jail.
    Trust me i’ve been there and learned from it. There is no one to blame but yourself. I got a good idea. Graduate high-school, go to college, and I don’t care how poor you are or what hood your from, there is a little thing called financial aid. Then you could be that prosecutor or attorney and do what ever you want with these idiots. Lets end racism. This song is pure garbage and i’m not “hatin” i could care less how much money plies has . which probably is even that much at this point. i dont need to hate on anybody, i am very well off right now THANKS TO MY COLLEGE DEGREE. Lets get real people. How many of you are angry at Dwayne “dog” Chapman? I dont consider anything he said to even come close to what this digrace to society is talkin about.

  29. LIL LOUISIANA on Mon, 19th Nov 2007 7:15 am 


  30. LIL LOUISIANA on Mon, 19th Nov 2007 7:16 am 


  31. Sherrion "Mz.plies" on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 10:22 am 

    Baby i luv u n u a real fuckin nigga if there is 1 so all these
    hatin,hurtin,pussy niggaz can fall back tryna play my nigga like ha a goofy kno dat. nigga so hot n these streets n raw on dem beats. baby
    hit me up on myspace @

    sherrion n dat nigga plies u gotta luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. kimmion"mz.kidd on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 11:13 am 

    make sure u hit me n my sista up on my space
    we luv u shawty u da hottest nigga n these streets
    all these pussy niggaz can sleep plies a muthafuckin beast
    make sure u send me n my sista sherrion “mz.plies” a
    friend request. hit me up @
    on myspace luv ya !!!!!!!!!

  33. JV on Wed, 21st Nov 2007 12:09 pm 

    Uneducated? FYI, Plies did go to college. Now is it ok for him to talk about pussy ass crackaz?

  34. Carmeal on Sat, 24th Nov 2007 6:47 pm 

    It’s cool ya’ll can hate on him if ya’ll want it isn’t his falt this nigga is keeping it real and is having all these niggas like me having back!!!dis nigga isn’t rapping about shit he keepin it real what nigga you know come out with his first alblm about real shit not cars not money but what dis nigga really been through how this nigga feel what this nigga feel. People talkin bout how he say nigga or how he talk Naw bitch dis nigga keepin it real. like him or don’t you going to have to live with him if he here or not so all i can say ya’ll can keep on hatein ya’ll not doin nothin but making him want to do it more and be better!
    and this video is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. beezup on Tue, 27th Nov 2007 1:21 pm 

    If crackaz are pussys how com white guys fight their fights 1on1, and us niggas need to get all da erst of ou niggaz to beet 1 perrrson. Think who da reel pussies r befor yall talk.
    Ye i aiint sayin erry nigga do dis, but look at yall, fitin over colour of yo fuckin BITCHASS SKIN. FUCK ALL YALL, niggaz eitha need a gun or gotta juk sum1 or get a bunch of gangbangas to beet sumone, n wite bois dont do shit aloot of da time but yall black guys brown guys yello guys need to start shit cuz yall blood fuckin crips.

    Ye plies got sum sick tunes, jus like alot o guys but diz song is fukin pathetic.
    If you dun wanna go to jail dun fukin stab sum1 or rob som1.
    Bleieve me i gon to jail for 8 yeers, ye it mite be long for wut i did but i deserved it.


  36. plies wifey on Sun, 2nd Dec 2007 2:51 pm 

    plies is fye…..i like all his songs……for fake bitches and niggas………stop hating……..start appreciating

  37. lashayla on Wed, 12th Dec 2007 6:33 pm 

    I love this song and to you BITCH ASS CRACKAZ WHO HATEN FUCK YALL and STOP HATEN cuz yall don’t understand,AND to all you OTHER people haten on his MUSIC OPEN YO EARS!!! CRACKAZ A GIVE A NIGGA 100 YEARS and wouldn’t think SHIT ABOUT IT!!!!!…..


    yo girl lashayla

  38. tiaquesha on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008 5:39 pm 

    plies is my hubby and for all yall hatas get off his joc and get money………and for they wack ass niggas stop hatin on his swagg and get your own cause you could never get lyk ‘em……………..and for my hubby i love you and keep doin what you doing and dont never let these hate on you…………………………………………..

    love your wifey.
    Tiaquesha b.k.a Certified Goon

  39. chaos on Wed, 16th Jan 2008 12:02 pm 


  40. it feels good in my brain on Thu, 14th Aug 2008 8:06 am 

    am I a cracka?

  41. stephanie on Mon, 22nd Sep 2008 8:23 am 


  42. Mz Quisha on Mon, 1st Jun 2009 1:33 pm 

    Watz Up Plies Man Watz Gud Dog Bra How Da Hell U MAke It

  43. Mz Quisha on Fri, 12th Jun 2009 9:21 am 

    Mak THiz Shit Wild As Hell Dog MAn Ma Big Bro Juzt Want 2 Jail 4 Sum He Aint Dog Man I Lost MA Best Friend Man Thiz Fuck Up These Folkz Shot Out For Real Dog Man I Just Want Ma Bro Out Of Jail

  44. Mz Quisha on Fri, 12th Jun 2009 9:23 am 

    Man THiz Shit Wild As Hell Dog MAn Ma Big Bro Juzt Want 2 Jail 4 Sum He Aint Do Dog I Just Want Ma Bro 2 Cum Home Thatz All I Want

  45. Mx Quisha Babe on Tue, 14th Jul 2009 10:36 pm 

    Man Bytch Please U Got Lyfe Fuckd Up Babe Plies Is 1 of Da realist Babe So Fall Back Wit All Dat Damn Hatin Shyt N This Ur Gurl Quisha Da Realist Bytch Out So If U Have A promble Wit Wat I Said Just Hitr Me Up 4047342356 Or MA email

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