LUDA ON 106 & park comes clean about sneak dissing ti

September 5, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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luda 2 ______________________________________________________
(see pictures of his mtv appearance inside & video of 106& park)

I hope some beef comes from this …. ludacris on 106 & park talking about his verse on 50 cents i get money remix ….. While he doesnt say Ti’s name (f–k you scared for luda) we all know who Ludacris was talking about . …


Luda 106th & Park
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jacked from nahright


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2 Comments on "LUDA ON 106 & park comes clean about sneak dissing ti"

  1. FlipStar on Thu, 6th Sep 2007 12:33 pm 

    WHY IS LUDA FRONTIN!!!!!?!?!??!?!?!

    JUST SAY DUKES NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. atlrepresentative on Thu, 25th Oct 2007 8:45 pm 

    we kno it was towards ti but if noone would have said nothin then none of us would have assumed it was then this would have been over but now its back on. ludacris got him on stomp and this was attempt at a diss but since we want to start stuff and put stuff out we through gasoline on a few sparks and now look wats goin on. but it makes for good music tho as long as it stays that way.

    oh i heard the the response from ti that has big kruntry and young jeezy. and wat confirms all of it was ti final few words on his verse. ” between you and me that appology was for bet not dtp im doin me.” but young jeezy rips it who is he talkin bout i have no idea

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