SEXY BEAST OF THE week… Sexy HipHop Sisters …showdown

August 28, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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 da brat 8
(see more pictures & vote inside)

Beyonce & solange vs da brat & lisa raye vs kelis & her sister vs serena williams & venus williams …… the streets want to know whos the sexiest hiphop sister duo ?

first up lisa raye & da brat

da brat 7 da brat 6 da brat 9 da brat 10


beyonce & solange

da brat 12 da brat 13 da brat 14 da brat 15 da brat 16da brat 11


kelis & her sister

da brat 17 da brat 18 da brat 28 da brat 29


serena williams & venus williams

da brat 19 TEN-US OPEN-WILLIAMS SERVE da brat 21 da brat 22 da brat 23 da brat 24 da brat 25 da brat 26


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11 Comments on "SEXY BEAST OF THE week… Sexy HipHop Sisters …showdown"

  1. Midnite598 on Tue, 28th Aug 2007 6:47 am 

    Wow…I live in Houston, B’s the ultimate dime in my mind…But then there go my girls Venus and THAT BEAST I LUV. I’m thinking DB will get down with the trois action, and her sister is Diamond (Lisa who?)..My vote? KCUF…If it was just B she win easy, but, as a pair…I got to go with Diamond and that hctib that eat that thing…

  2. FlipStar on Tue, 28th Aug 2007 1:41 pm 

    man, you went ALL OUT DIS WEEK!!!!

    congrats 2 u don of DONZ!!!

  3. Mr Mention on Wed, 29th Aug 2007 12:47 pm 

    Da Brat and Diamond all fucking day

  4. Fabe J on Tue, 4th Sep 2007 11:40 am 

    I absolutely adore if it was her dolo, i would have to choose her..but on some sister sister shit..i’d have to go with da brat and diamond..they killed it! Solange just isn’t sexy enough…lol..

  5. hello on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 12:10 pm 

    whos the sexy woman at the top, the first picture with the blacck and pink

  6. KINGANT on Sat, 22nd Dec 2007 5:04 pm 

    Lisa Raye and Dabrat hands down!! It’s like two against one!

  7. jon boi on Sat, 11th Jul 2009 11:33 am 

    come on now yall know lisa raye and da brat take tha cake

  8. santiago payne on Fri, 30th Oct 2009 5:21 pm 

    dear miss Brat i miss you come on back to the game from day 1 u been on it keep ya head up nigga don,t let the tricks keep ya down love ya work don,t stop evea ya digggggggg

  9. ViVaLaGlam on Sat, 6th Mar 2010 12:51 pm 


  10. shanika mcclinton on Tue, 6th Apr 2010 1:48 pm 

    If that’s kelis sister she looks like flavor flav

  11. quincy lattimore on Sat, 12th Jun 2010 2:52 pm 

    I think those pics of da brat r hot!

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