GILLIE DA KID dissing Cassidy in his own hood

August 24, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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gillie da kid
(see the video inside)

Cassidy started talking a lil sideways bout Gillie, so homie homes goes over to cassidys old stomping grounds and disses him in his own hood LOL. …. that in itself is funny but when you add in gillies facial expressions it becomes even more hilarious ….gillie makes it known its just between him and cass and swizz beatz aint in volved ….. and i know i aint the only one that thinks gillie looks like the volture from those old bugs bunny cartoons . no disrespect gillie just calling a spade a spade

is Cassidy a pussy ass n—a for dissing gille ….or was he just calling it as he see it


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2 Comments on "GILLIE DA KID dissing Cassidy in his own hood"

  1. power on Fri, 24th Aug 2007 4:43 pm 

    nobody can see cass on that battle tip.hes a beast

  2. zaquell on Sat, 25th Aug 2007 10:04 pm 

    What is the name of that song they playing in that truck

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