Bill O’Reilly VS NAS prt 2

August 21, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Nas fans are real conflicted right now …on one hand theyre happy bill oreilly is co signing nas street cred …. on the other hand bill is also dissing esco
leave it to bill to make something outta nothing


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3 Comments on "Bill O’Reilly VS NAS prt 2"

  1. Ammon-Ra on Tue, 21st Aug 2007 4:34 pm 

    LMAO @ Nas & street cred even being in the same sentence

  2. Tommy K on Tue, 21st Aug 2007 7:29 pm 

    Look here. I don’t know who does this site, but I ran into on accident and have stopping thru to see the updates from sexy beast to somebody getting their Kufi slapped off. But this shit with Bill O reilly is some bullshit, and your making it seem like dude is getting at Nas with some damaging ether. He act like he went to Osama Bin Laden’s birthday party and ate cake. His whole argument is Nas has a gun conviction. Everybody knows that Nas ain’t no thug dude. Nas is a poster child for contradiction, but this is all you got on a dude that is point blank harmless. Does O’reilly even know who he is talking about. I guess nobody can come on the VT campus if they have a gun charge, huh? You know how many of those hill billy white boys you would have to excuse. I mean come on, out of all the people in hip hop that you could have had a legitimate beef about, you choose to go after Nas? You know how many songs that he made that Uplifts every thing in its vicinity if you ignore that it’s coming from a sucka for love? Stop making it seem like Billy is getting at Nas on some real shit. This is some clown on Fox fucking News, cuzin. You giving this goofy white boy comments suggesting that he committed a crime or is hurting someone. What the fuck is Nas doing “bridging the gap”, or “One mic “or some “I think I can” bullshit going to do to disgrace the lost lives of the students of VT. He even compared it to Vicks ass. That dude has got a impending case that could have him do a couple years. Nas got some gun case that he had to do community service and pay a fine for.

    I repeat, this is a fucking clown on Fox fucking News, the presidents favorite fucking channel, running his mouth about something that is all trumped up on some nonsense.

    Ima keep stopping thru, I thought this was smartenupnas? Yall need to smarten up, keep it real with the captions and comments, b.

  3. 99Beatz aka Dan on Wed, 8th Jul 2009 10:47 am 

    Bill is a Dickhead, a Bitch a racist Bastard that needs to be smacked up. He only interviews the people up close that he feels wont smack him but those he feels fear he keeps them on sattilite, I think Fox news is racist and all you cowards who get interviewed by him need to smack the tast out of his mouth

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