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Cassidy is having a rap battle contest … salutes the homie roberto for the info …Aye murda Mook if your reading this holla …. this could be the chance youve been looking for …. same goes to you rockstar / cyssero

Cassidy fans, call and leave your best 16 bars to receive a call from Cassidy, acknowledgement as a sold rap battler and potential inclusion in a Cassidy video or appearance!

Here’s what you have to do -

The Cassidy Rap Battle Contest has three rounds, each round consists of two weeks. The first week call Cassidy’s SayNow number, 215-701-0998 to leave your best 16 bars. Week two, Cassidy will leave a message announcing the top three rappers. Fans call Cassidy’s SayNow number to vote on their favorite of the top three rappers.

Cassidy will leave a SayNow broadcast announcing the winner of the round, which will advance them to the finals. Three finalists will then rap battle over a conference call with Cassidy, where he will decide the winner.

You could be Cassidy’s Rap Battle Winner!


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  1. ashlee on Thu, 6th Mar 2008 6:08 pm 

    boy u r a qt u r the hustla yo i dream about u every day

  2. Essence on Sat, 8th Mar 2008 1:56 pm 

    Wuz good wit you dog? I can’t call it. I was on ya website of course cause ur my favorite rapper n shit. Tryna get ya e-mail address to talk to you when you got free time cause I know you a busy man and what not. I f this comment interest you some how hit me up at It’s the least you can do since I’m not gone be meeting you in person but, you never know what God might do just believe and I believe that you gone get this and e-mail me back. Don’t worry I’m not know stalking young girl sexy. I just like ya personalitiy and the way you carry yourself. Sexy,huslter, a problem, confidence & misunderstood little do you know I do understand. Mr. Misunderstood! (LOl!)

    I’ll Hiffa, Essence

  3. Essence on Sat, 8th Mar 2008 2:00 pm 

    Oh yeah, you know you be looking delicious in ya video’s and I knew you was gone come out of that care crash cuz I was praying for you dog 4real! And when you went to court but I knew you was gone beat it cuz ur a top flight soulja LOL!

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