June 27, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(listen inside)

Trey Songz Freestyle on gucci manes beats …. This is the last and i mean last request im filling . shout out Angie …. Any other broads that want me to post anything email some naked pics …. if your wack just send me some skrilla


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10 Comments on "New TREY SONGZ"

  1. Gianni Aragon on Tue, 9th Oct 2007 7:06 am 

    hey Trey, boy you is hot!!!! i think that you are the best looking guy. hope you remember me and keep me with you!!!! I LOVE YOU

  2. clevin williams on Fri, 7th Dec 2007 11:39 am 


  3. Stacey on Fri, 22nd Feb 2008 8:02 am 

    hey watz up

  4. Ashley on Fri, 7th Mar 2008 10:38 am 

    hi trey songz i love ur music i love ur voice and most of all i love u i think u r a great artist i desire to meet u one day cuz the tv just isnt enough and i can trully say that im ur #1 fan…………..i love u

  5. pirincess on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 5:09 pm 

    you i so sexy

  6. pirincess on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 5:10 pm 

    call me plz my mobi is 07947673427

  7. pirincess on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 5:10 pm 

    i live in london

  8. mrs.Songz on Wed, 9th Apr 2008 2:51 pm 

    omg i love “cant help but wait” n” last time” my friends think ur not
    cut i was like omg trey songz r u blind or something hes sexy

  9. shaquanda on Mon, 4th Aug 2008 9:30 am 

    look at my boooo

  10. Keyiana on Sat, 9th Aug 2008 8:05 pm 

    Trey you are so sexy. I love your music, and you!! U hope of meeting you one day. Luv Ya!

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