50 cents baby mother says 25,000 a month aint enough

June 23, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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50 cent

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smh at that greedy skeez getting 25k a month and wanting more . … salutes the fnm legend brad piff


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2 Comments on "50 cents baby mother says 25,000 a month aint enough"

  1. Allette on Fri, 11th Jul 2008 9:06 pm 

    That’s just plain greed. Some don’t get anything for child support. 50 cent baby’s mother needs to be thankful for what she’s getting. I know 50 would agree with me. And 50, from one New Yorker to another, watch who you get pregnant especially now because as you already know there are alot of gold diggers in this world.

  2. khalil on Mon, 4th Aug 2008 8:02 pm 


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