TI ft JAY-Z “WATCH WHAT YOU SAY” jay dissing lil wayne

(listen inside)

T.I feat. JAY-Z watch what you say ….. Jigga going at lil wayne and the game



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4 Comments on "TI ft JAY-Z “WATCH WHAT YOU SAY” jay dissing lil wayne"

  1. Big Swan on Sun, 24th Jun 2007 8:56 am 

    Are you serious all this subliminal and ya’ll assume he going a the young phenom be serious he is more likely to be talking to Cam, Dame, and Jim.

  2. SexiLona17 on Wed, 19th Sep 2007 2:01 pm 

    Jay Z is not dissing wayne be serious him n lil wayne is cool n wayne even said he looks up to Jay as far as rapping goes. People always tryna start drama just like 2alkin shit bout my gurl Beyonce who is the best ckick n the game f**k Ashanti whoever said she was the best chick n da game, she cant sing or dance. In my opinion Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Nas, and Kanye are the best rappers in the game.

  3. Ms.K on Fri, 13th Jun 2008 3:06 pm 

    Sorry I have to disagree with you right there..T.I, Lil Wayne and Jay-z are the best in the Game

  4. on Sat, 26th Jul 2008 11:46 pm 

    whoever said kanye and the best rapper in the same sentence needa get slapped. dude dont even rap he straight sings like a lil bitch. my opinion

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