Sexy Beast of the week “CANDICE PILLAY”

June 7, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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sexy CANDICE PILLAY this weeks sexy beast . this coolie gyal aint just a pretty face That appears in mens magazines (like king , maxim , smooth) She has real talent . Shes also a R&B singer .


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7 Comments on "Sexy Beast of the week “CANDICE PILLAY”"

  1. JMack on Thu, 7th Jun 2007 5:59 am 

    got damn homie you found a definite winner on this girl. shes like an extra thick claudette ortiz.

    num nums.

  2. FlipStar on Thu, 7th Jun 2007 6:52 am 

    yum yummy! i’d put my d-ck in her tummy!
    gimme 3 and half minutes she a-wanna marry a nogga!

  3. hrisio on Sun, 18th May 2008 5:20 am 

    She’s amazing, I love her! And her songs are really cool :) )

  4. wezzo on Fri, 22nd Aug 2008 8:45 am 

    damn da gal frm my town great shes doin it for herself mwah

  5. Juan on Thu, 28th Aug 2008 7:56 am 

    My God!!! What can I say about this pretty woman. She’s got it all.

  6. FedUp on Mon, 27th Oct 2008 10:27 am 

    She is a racist! The chick started bragging in a magazine how her family was making money off of Black people’s suffering during apartheid. Some people think she’s Black but she’s East Indian and very racist!

  7. Kerry on Fri, 16th Jan 2009 4:59 am 

    This is to the comment made by ‘Fedup’. Candice is definately not racist and you should not jump to conclusions! I have schooled with her and not once has she ever made a racist remark. By the way…..I am coloured and we were best friends in school!!! So think before spreading you negative comments!If you don’t have nothing nice to say……then just don’t say anything!!!!!

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