New RIHANNA and MYA pictures

May 30, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see more MYA & Rihanna pictures inside)

Mya down in Australia lamping with some clowns , while Rihanna leaves the Hotel in germany.


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7 Comments on "New RIHANNA and MYA pictures"

  1. lamin on Thu, 27th Dec 2007 11:53 am 

    hi my name is lamin camara my comment is to be rihanna fans i like her music i want to be her fans i am from the gambia african boy i am in italy at this moment i want it to be her fans.

  2. yasmin on Thu, 10th Jan 2008 2:15 pm 

    jou are bjodefol

  3. yasmin on Thu, 10th Jan 2008 2:22 pm 

    rihanna you are d best .you’re beautiful ende jou’re ken good singing
    i love you’re music beautiful

  4. cacaface on Sat, 14th Jun 2008 2:44 pm 

    Rihanna has a fugly face but nice body…Mya is just hot!

  5. RAY123 on Sun, 13th Jul 2008 12:07 am 

    Are you kidding??? Mya look and sing better then Rhianna…And yall know it’s true….

  6. Nelly on Mon, 18th Aug 2008 9:52 am 

    Don’t be hatter’s y’all just mad because she ain’t American….This girl is hotter and waaaaaaaaaaaay prettier that Beyonce, Mya and all those other ulgy mugly girls.


  7. Joe on Tue, 18th May 2010 12:48 pm 

    Nelly u suck, Beyonce is WWAAAAAAYYY 10 million times better then big forehead Rhianna.. Your on crack dude.

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