MY BITCH the game dissing Jay

May 22, 2007 by Don of Dons  
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(listen inside)

Game shouldve had the guts to release this.



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11 Comments on "MY BITCH the game dissing Jay"

  1. Belize on Wed, 23rd May 2007 10:47 am 

    Game is officailly a beast

  2. Flush on Fri, 11th Jan 2008 3:10 pm 

    Dude… he dissed Suge Knight in this song…thats way harder then dissing Jay. This is some next level diss track…

  3. Woodness on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 9:47 am 

    This is a proper good tune, however i think the game has fucked it for dissing suge knight, he is the one person in the world i would not want to make a diss track against, the game is good but he dissapoints me with shit like this, he has to keep dissing people to sell records and keep a buzz going, also dissing legends like jay-z, for a reason i dont know, is stupid. Other than that, what a tune!!!!!! Beat is sick.

  4. Woodness on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 9:47 am 

    oh yeh, where can i download this song!? i NEEEED it!!!

  5. lil' p on Sun, 18th May 2008 12:33 pm 

    dr dre did produce this but put khalis name on it not to cause beef with anyone. fuck suge tha fat fuck

  6. lil' p on Sun, 18th May 2008 12:34 pm 

    fuck suge

  7. Eric Strikes Back on Wed, 17th Dec 2008 2:41 am 

    DAAAAAAYYYYAAAAAAM! this shit is hot! coming from where im from (sri lanka) i know a good beat when i hear it. this is is HOT! and game owns the verses. i give this 10 out of 5

  8. grill on Thu, 16th Jul 2009 6:51 am 

    from ur ass

  9. MDAce15 on Thu, 16th Jul 2009 10:31 pm 

    I hope everyone realizes this song is like 3 years old. Why is it being posted now? Its a crazy beat tho. But Im just tired of Game’s gimmicks. Be a creative artist, make good music, and if someone crosses you THEN make a diss record. STOP DISSIN OTHER PEOPLE WHO EARNED THEIR SPOT TO TRY TO GET YOURS! MAN UP!

  10. MDAce15 on Thu, 16th Jul 2009 10:36 pm 

    And just for the record Im not hatin on Game, I think he has great moments, but Im just sick of the fact that he has not made a single yet that didnt have SOMEONE’S name in it…

  11. MR CRISP on Thu, 3rd Feb 2011 4:24 pm 


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