Loon and Jim Jones in the same club at the same time

…. and nothing pops off. i don’t promote violence , but someone shouldve gotten their kufi smacked


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3 Comments on "Loon and Jim Jones in the same club at the same time"

  1. chesing on Wed, 2nd May 2007 5:42 pm 

    these niggas all usual..

    that clip @ the end is wildly fucked

  2. jerz77 on Thu, 3rd May 2007 5:57 am 

    that’s cause Jenny Jones all talk..he pussy just like i thought, and they JIgga bumpin in the club…fuck Jenny Jones and DIPSET!!

  3. Belize on Thu, 3rd May 2007 4:01 pm 

    i was gonna ask for 2:03 of my life back..until d crackheads saved the day

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