Tru Life interview talking about stealing on Cam’ron

(listen inside)

Tru life interview with Ed Lover and Egypt . Homie Homes claims he stole on cam ,with the same ring they took from Jim Jones the week before.Now If that wasnt bad enough Tru Life also says Cam’ron started to cry after he got deboed


That was Tru life’s side of things …. my home girl MISS INFO has Cams side of the story



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2 Comments on "Tru Life interview talking about stealing on Cam’ron"

  1. Spice on Wed, 17th Jun 2009 2:43 pm 

    I feel that Tru Life is Ridiculous because that doesn’t even carry as a real thugged out name. He looks an idiott telling people how he’s robbing from other rappers especially when your skills are so lacking. You don’t rhyme better than Jimmy or Camron. I’m from NYC and guys like you are a disgrace. Could it be that you are the biggest hattin ass BUM nigger around. You got to rob because you are WACK!

  2. Olouwole Escobar on Thu, 12th Nov 2009 6:43 pm 

    camron is a sucker, he’s been one his whole life him and jim jones are faking like they are bloods but they are not. in life gangstas do what they wanna do, busters do what they are told. shouts out to tru life for exposing those cowards.

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