music from JIM JONES new artist “NOE” dude sounds just like JAY-Z

April 29, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(listen inside)

“Headlights” – NOE featuring Jim Jones




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9 Comments on "music from JIM JONES new artist “NOE” dude sounds just like JAY-Z"

  1. jerz77 on Mon, 30th Apr 2007 8:24 am 

    Jenny Jones want s to be Jay-z so bad! he’ll do anything
    to get as close to him as possible…..DIPSET is whack!

    Jenny Jones is obsessed with HOV!

    CAMDEN 4 EVA!!

  2. jerz77 on Mon, 30th Apr 2007 8:26 am 

    jenny jones is gay…get off Jay-z dick…fagot!!

    camden 4 lyfe!!

  3. e_rawS on Mon, 30th Apr 2007 10:16 am 

    i like the song …………chyeaaaa right…i mean these guys just like haven juniors on there team cam, jr writer is lil cam….jayz , noe is lil jay…now we need 1 4 santana and freekey zeekey is lil jimmy….u guys r sooo cute….and colorful like a cartoon…the dipset carebears….take care girls and dont let no1 tell yall how to work it girls……oh yea no homo…hahhahaahaha

  4. Ammon-Ra on Mon, 30th Apr 2007 2:27 pm 

    I heard tons of songs by NOE but I don’t ever recall him sounding that much like Hov. I mean he always did kinda sound like him but now it sounds like he’s actually trying to sound him.

  5. e_rawS on Tue, 1st May 2007 9:25 am 

    dont get snuffed like cam or better yet like 2 weeks ago yoooooooooooooooow

  6. advisory on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 8:14 am 

    ya’ll muh’ fuckas are stupid, he aint stealin shit from Jay, and even if he is doin it on purpose, he spits sick.. So fuck up, ya’ll laughin and shit, while he gettin millions, fuck outta here.. im out 1
    ohh.. and i dont even like dipset either, so dnt start that shit.

  7. "E" on Thu, 29th May 2008 6:52 pm 

    watch ur fuckin mouth!!!!!!!!!!! fall back hatin ass bitch

  8. Jase on Mon, 4th Aug 2008 8:20 am 

    The bottom line is this…you cant change your voice, unless youre a Zapp/T-Pain/Lil Wayne voice box using artist. Study the English language and listen to hundreds of artists…this NOE cat is lyrically gifted and talented…dont take that away from him. Remember Gorilla Black??? Yea, he did sound like Biggie, but lyrically, his game was soupy at best…I expected him to fall off, I predicted it, and he did fall off. Dont expect NOE to fall off…Jim Jones is giving rap what it needs…talent, regardless of who NOE sounds like. Plus…that American Gangster by Jay – Z…are you serious?!?!? That project shoulda been given to Jadakiss…

  9. jo h jo on Sun, 15th Mar 2009 12:21 am 

    i dnt give a fuck wat yall muh` fuckers say about jim jones he is my muh` fuckin nigga he reppin dipset 4 lyfe and so am i by the way he luk guud as fuck and fuck all yall haters dipset bitch i am so damn sorry dat yall think dat he sound like hov but he sure hell dnt fuck yall haters cuz my words r gttin short.

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