R Kellys Brother “KILLA KELL” exposing R kelly

(see prt 2 inside)

SMH … Dude claims R kelly molested their 12 yr old cousin ….r kelly is one grimey dude

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2 Comments on "R Kellys Brother “KILLA KELL” exposing R kelly"

  1. Mr Mention on Fri, 27th Apr 2007 12:49 pm 

    this nigga is lying. Why would any girl want his autograph over R Kelly’s

  2. arhodes on Tue, 1st May 2007 5:46 pm 

    Nigga please! Most of that shit he said didnt even make since forreal. So what if you help write Summer Bunny’s that was just one song, how many years ago, that dont mean you done contributed to his success. And to say somebody sleep with a 12 year old, thats triflin esp if it aint even true. I feel like you need to go out there and get your own, you think you are owed something cause he’s your brother, you need to work nigga like errbody else. And quit lying!

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