Maino clowning that “stylin on you” dude …. LMAO

(see the classic video inside)

  Maino speaking the gospel on that scram ass dude that got stole on . “how you get you gun disrespected like that ” LMAO … “styling on you” (smh i dont even know his name) had word for Ja rule when ja stole his song lets see if he got the heart to go at Maino  

“MC Punched in the face”


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2 Comments on "Maino clowning that “stylin on you” dude …. LMAO"

  1. e_rawS on Fri, 20th Apr 2007 5:32 am 


  2. FatRobz on Tue, 24th Apr 2007 10:43 pm 

    wow i never noticed he actually was packin untill i heard this went back and watched the video

    sure enough hes raising his shirt tryin to show he has his gun on him

    how you gonna get jarred like that on camera and not even attempt to shoot the guy when you showed him your gun to scare him

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